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Chapter 1:  Off to College

Chapter 2:  The Roommate

Chapter 3:  The Satan-gene Vampire Psychopaths Among Us

Chapter 4:  Damsel in Distress

Chapter 5:  White Eagle

Chapter 6:  The Elder's Gift

Chapter 7:  O My God


Chapter 1: Off to College

They say extroverts get their batteries recharged by being with people, and
introverts get their batteries recharged by being alone. John thought that was
kind of cute, and accurate. He was a lonely only child, especially since his
father the drinking car mechanic died of a heart attack two years ago at age
forty-seven, and his drunk mother died in a one car wreck, swerving off the
road while coming home from a shopping errand. The Andersons lived in a modest
rental house in the country just north of Cut Bank, Montana near the Canadian
border, so he had few playmates growing up. His abusive dad insisted he help
with the car mechanic business instead letting him play sports, in spite of
his six foot one, one hundred ninety-five pound muscles-of-steel frame.
Rebuilding engines with frozen fingers in one of America's coldest towns was
not his idea of fun, but it fed them. After the high school bully made the big
mistake of punching him for no reason, the other kids left John alone.
Furthermore, they mistook his shyness for conceit; perhaps partly because he
was a good looking, blond blue-eyed Viking. Well, he would put the sadness
behind him; it was a new beginning for him in college. He wondered how some
people have the time for a lot of friends. Now he just wanted to study and
learn "The Truth."

He was pretty sure he did not want to be a car mechanic, but was clueless as to
a major. Like most freshman at the University of Montana in Missoula, he would
get the general bachelor's degree requirements out of the way first, then
decide later. The college brochure said to expect the grades to drop a full
point from high school to college, so he would have to study hard to get above
a B average. Biology took care of the first semester's science requirement,
trigonometry for math; in the humanities he seemed to enjoy anthropology for
its own sake. English literature, psychology, and physical education rounded
out his schedule.

John admired his visiting anthropology professor, Dr. Dev Reddy from India. Not
just because he knew all about ancient cultures, but he had confidence and radiant
charisma that gave the impression of wisdom. John finally got the courage to stay
after class one December day in 1970 to ask about the American Indians' warning
to European immigrants about their plans to segregate government and religion.

"Dr. Reddy, you mentioned the native Americans were stunned when the new
immigrants told them they were so afraid of a tyrant forcing his religion on
his subjects, the new Americans would therefore prohibit any government
sponsorship of any one religion. What did the Indians think was wrong with a
system where everyone can pursue their own religion without fear of government
interference, or preference of one religion over another?"

"Well, first of all, 'wrong' is a relative term. Most Americans are quite happy
to be able to pursue their religion, which is primarily Christian. We would
hope a person's religion enables them to succeed at attaining their spiritual

"Surely most people want to get to Heaven, what better goal than that?"

Dr. Reddy: "Indeed that is a lofty goal, but what if that Heaven is only one of

"What on earth do you mean? How can there be more than one Heaven, the one
where God is?"

Dr. Reddy: "Perhaps you should take Dr. Murphy's philosophy class on
comparative religion next semester. He has an interesting lecture on the
relationship of one's perception of God as it relates to one's perception of
Heaven. He published a paper on his research among undergraduate students,
whereby the majority had only the foggiest notion of what life after death
might be like. You may recall a Bible quote, John 14:2, when Jesus said: 'In
my father's house are many mansions.'"

John:  "So, since nobody can see the future, what would the native Americans have
to say about The Great Spirit's Heaven and how to get there? Surely leading a
good life is all we can do."

Dr, Reddy:  "The American Indians relied on their medicine man, the shaman of the
tribe, to give spiritual guidance. But the shaman did not rely on good works. He visited
the afterlife so as to better know what he was talking about."

John: "You lost me. How can someone visit the hereafter, and come back to tell
about it?"

Dr. Reddy: "Hard, and easy. The elder shaman, using his intuition, selected the
shaman trainee. If a boy had a propensity to fall out of the tree, or if he
had dream visions of speaking to spirits, or other distinguishing events like
surviving a lightning strike the shaman would speak to the boy's father about
apprenticeship. The training was long and arduous, involving austerities,
study, and practice. In time, the apprentice shaman would be able to visit the
spirit world and come back without his mentor's assistance. It is a similar
process in all the ancient cultures.

"The history of religions is one of greater or lesser communion with God by an
individual, who then wants his people to share in the same joy and exaltation
he has just experienced. Often new scriptures and methods result, and a
religious schism, and sometimes warfare. A quick look under the Churches
section of a large city Yellow Pages telephone book reveals many disagreements
over the nature of God, and how to reunite with God. On one hand, the American
separation of church and state has avoided some of these problems. On the
other hand, as people experience changes in economic fortunes it affects their
religious beliefs and practices. Most people, including myself, would admit
they should spend more time in pursuit of developing the full spiritual
potential and less time on materialism."

John was astounded. "Have you visited the afterlife?"

"Oh yes, but not consistently. I am trained in yoga. Now that I have the
direction, I am not so concerned with the speed of progress."

"So how do you visit the afterlife, and come back?"

"That is another topic for another day. Ponder on what we have discussed, but
make it to your next class on time!"

John's head was spinning. What was that all about? Suddenly he was not remotely
interested in physical education class, lifting weights. He was amazed at the
idea one could visit Heaven and come back to tell about it. Wait a minute; what
if he tried it himself, and got Hell  instead? Or, how could a person be sure
they would come back? Maybe having a master teacher was imperative after all.
Would Dr. Reddy teach him?

John could hardly wait the two days for another session with Dr. Reddy. He
waited until the other students were done asking after-class questions, then
caught the professor's attention:

"Dr. Reddy, I was doing some reading at the library about visions of the
afterlife. One book on Shamanism had some interesting examples from various
cultures. One common theme was the so-called 'Tree of Life' that various
mystics talk about. Have you seen it, and what is it?"

Dr. Reddy: "Oh yes, and most glorious it is! I believe it was Black Elk who
said that 'Without the shaman, without the World Tree, humans were cut off
from the spirit world.' However, it is better to experience the Tree of Life
yourself, as words cannot do it justice. Besides, intellectual understanding
and direct experience of higher consciousness should go hand-in-hand. Read this
short book on yoga exercises if you want to get started developing your full
potential. If you are interested in learning Truth, observe my approximation
of the yoga postures in it."

John was surprised that Dr. Reddy seemed to beam at him, as if they were
brothers. The good Doctor took off his shoes, took off his jacket, loosened
his tie, and right there on the carpet he demonstrated the introductory yoga
postures, guiding an old soul onto the path of yoga.

"Take it easy at first as you will not be able to stretch to meet the ideal as
shown in the pictures. If and when you become that limber your posture will
approximate the ideal positions. Just a little stretching at first. Even a
little of this yoga brings enlightenment."

John thanked the professor and headed off to pumping iron class. He was tired
afterward, but attempted a couple of the yoga positions. He especially liked
the shoulder stand, as it sharply increased the blood flow to his brain. The
good professor was right, this would take some practice. That night in the
Elrod Hall dormitory he reviewed the postures again, approximated them, and
read the book's discussion of their short-term health benefits. He considered
himself healthy already, so he was more interested in the long-term benefits.
Mostly that discussion was about culturing the nervous system to culture the
mind, force out impurities and open the channels of energy so it would flow up
into the higher brain. He couldn't help wondering how long it would take. Dr.
Reddy was probably in his late twenties.

Chapter 2: The Roommate: Red Horse

John was nearly asleep in his two-person dorm room when the new roommate
finally showed up, a few hours later than Bob the dorm resident speculated.
The new guy was courteous to try to put his stuff away without noise, but John
got tired of the pussyfooting around and turned on the light.

"Hi, I'm John Anderson. You just starting school?"

Red Horse: "Oh, hi, sorry to wake you."

"It's OK, I wasn't asleep yet. What's your name?"

"Red Horse, from Browning on the Blackfoot Reservation. I had to earn some more
tuition money so they let me start with the second semester. Is it hard?"

"Well, yes and no. I just resign myself to studying, but it helps if you can
get interested in the subjects. Need a hand?"

"Oh, no thanks, I've got it. Where you from?"

"We're neighbors, Cut Bank."

"Cut Bank" Why haven't I seen you before? We used to play Cut Bank in sports
all the time!"

"Well, dad made me work on cars instead of playing sports, the mechanic
business was all we had going. After my folks passed on I gave it up as soon
as I had enough money for a year here."

"Oh, sorry about your folks."

John: "It's OK. You got family?"

"Sure, mom and pop, brothers and sisters, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins,
the whole batch, heh heh. Like my dad, I am the youngest of the litter."

"How did you guys adopt the Blackfoot name?"

"That is an English word. The most common explanation is that ashes from
campfires or grass fires turn the moccasins black. But when I was a kid I used
to rub bee’s wax and black ashes into my moccasins to help with the
preservation and waterproofing of the leather. We call ourselves Nizitapi, the
Real People, and Amskapi Pikuni, as Pikuni refers to spotted robes."

John seemed to have a good feel for the young Indian, a friendly, soft-spoken,
likeable kid as near as he could tell. He seemed about age 19, good looking
with long black hair, sparkly dark eyes, a quick smile, high cheek bones, about
five foot ten inches and 160 pounds. He was wearing cowboy boots, blue jeans,
and a green flannel shirt. Given all the grief John's people had given Red's,
he would go out of his way to be nice.

Red Horse: "Maybe the next time you visit Cut Bank, stop by 'the res' and I'll
show you around."

"Well, thanks, I might take you up on that, but I doubt I'll be visiting Cut
Bank. You guys must have a lot of horses, do you ride much?"

"Oh yeah, a lot of mustangs, Appaloosas, and quarter-horses. I'm a
quarter-horse man; I guess I like the acceleration!"

"That must be great, riding your own horse on your own land, full gallop, no
worries about hitting a barbed-wire fence."

Red Horse: "Well, partly true, depending on where you ride. Are you a horseman?"

John: "Well, I was impressed when I saw the Arabian stallion. Beautiful,
spirited, sleek, a little nervous, but the look of speed. My mom saw the
twinkle in my eye and ponied up the $500.00 the owner wanted. The stallion was
temperamental, but once he did give me the ride of a lifetime.

"It was a long straight dirt country road, slightly downhill. Apparently
Lightning wanted to show off his new shoes, so without warning he suddenly
started running. When we hit ten miles an hour so quickly I knew he was
serious. At twenty miles per hour I started to get concerned. At thirty I
decided to hang on tighter. At about forty my hat came off, and when I looked
back to see where it landed I saw leaf vortices on either side of our wake.
Then the afterburners kicked in. My life was in his hands. I cussed myself for
making him wait until AFTER the ride before giving him the other half of the
apple. That was stupid, maybe suicidal. I hung on. Our bodies were like one. I
yelled with joy when we broke the sound barrier, so he sped up. The farmer’s
tractor suddenly appeared, and Lightning decelerated without my suggestion. I
got down and walked along side him, praising him. It was not necessary, because
he knew he was the fastest horse on four hooves. We were almost home so I
remembered to give him the rest of the apple. At the corral, he wanted more,
and wasn't going to take 'no' for an answer. I only had some green ones left.
It was two days before he felt good enough again to even look at me. He ran me
out of the corral the next two times I wanted to ride him, then bucked me off
when I finally did get a saddle on him. We needed the money the next weekend
and sold him, probably a big mistake, he could've been a contender."

They had a laugh over that. It was a relief for John to have somebody around
with a sense of humor. They chatted until almost midnight. Red was an avid
history and politics student. John wanted to know about the old days of the
Wild West.

Red mentioned his granddad was friends of a Sioux warrior who was at the Battle
of the Little Bighorn, or as he called it, the Battle of Greasy Grass. No
Blackfoot were involved at that battle. The Sioux called it the Battle of
Greasy Grass because there was so much blood on the grass men and horses kept
slipping trying to get up to Custer's position. By the time the young warrior
got to the back of the skirmish area where Custer and his brother Tom were the
dust was so thick you could only see tomahawks and a few guns rising above the
dust cloud. From the village engagement back up to the 'last stand,' it only
lasted about 30 minutes, and Custer himself was shot in the chest after about
20 minutes. In the last few minutes there was less and less firing, no time to
reload, as several of the remaining soldiers 'saved their last bullet for
themselves.' Soon thereafter, a couple of Cheyenne women arrived and prevented
Custer's mutilation by two Sioux warriors, as the warriors believed you took
your same body into eternity, whatever it looked like. The women told them
they cannot cut him because Custer was one of us, having had a Cheyenne wife
and child, one of the family. So the two warriors worked over Tom Custer.
Later he could only be identified by his chest tattoos. The women had
recognized George as their captor after the 1868 Washita massacre/genocide.
They only punched through his ears with an awl so he could hear better in the
afterlife. Ten years prior he apparently did not hear his own words promising
not to war against the Cheyenne again. And under Indian law whoever sleeps
with a woman is her husband, but he apparently 'forgot' to come back for his
mistress and child like he promised. That might have had something to do with
his missing little finger, and the arrow up his penis."

John chimed in with a tale of his own. "I just thought of something."

"What's that?"

"Granddad Anderson was a cavalry captain, but did not see action until assigned
to lead troops in the Spanish-American War?"

"Oh, was that the one Teddy Roosevelt championed to comply with 'manifest

"Well, yeah. Anyway, granddad was a horseman, and retired in southwest Idaho to
catch and train wild mustangs, then barter them to the Shoshone and Paiute. I
once read his old Army Field Manual, and there was nothing in it regarding how
to explain to the Great Spirit as to why you have a Cheyenne arrow up your
'weapon of mass conception.'"

Red chuckled at John's little joke. Red was a treasure-trove of Old West lore.
John felt privileged to hear the accounts, since most Indians do not trust
white men with the truth. Then Red went into the Major Reno and Captain Benteen
cover-ups of their failure to follow orders and attack the lower camp while
Custer attacked the upper end of the camp; the old hammer and anvil tactic,
standard procedure. Counter-attacking Indians forced Reno's clumsy retreat
before he even got to the village, resulting in the loss of about one third of
his men, killed, wounded, or lost. Reno retreated to some bluffs where
Benteen's contingent met up with him. Custer had followed his orders to attack
per his discretion, but Reno and Benteen lied about knowing Custer was actually
fighting in the upper village. All the other men could hear volley fire
indicating Custer was engaged there, but Reno's and Benteen's cowardice, or
perhaps intelligence, prevented their following orders to attack and thereby
support Custer.

Their cover-up was aided by President Grant who was upset with Custer for
exposing the role of Grant's Secretary of War, Henry Belknap, for taking
bribes from Indian Agents. Instead of spending that money on themselves and
their handlers, those Indian Agents were supposed to be spending that money on
food for Indians who no longer had game to hunt. Thousands of Indians starved
to death. Obviously Grant did not want to be caught taking his share, nor did
he want to cut off that personal income to future presidents. Anyway, they
even publicly changed Benteen's story twice to help defuse the issue of
abandoning Custer's men to their fate. The cover-up worked and remains in
place, setting a precedent for future government cover-ups.

Red yawned, so John suggested he had to get up early and hit the books. John
then tossed Red the yoga book:

"Hey Red, ask me nicely and I'll show you some old Indian tricks."

Red laughed and said: "Enough! Some people have to get up in the morning!"

John hit the lights. Red mumbled something about 'old Indian tricks,' and they
tried not to chuckle themselves to sleep.

Red was up at five in the morning for a walk in the dark and breakfast with
Indian friends, and slipped out quietly to avoid awakening John. John awoke
anyway when the creaky door closed. After bathing John did his yoga exercises,
ate half a cold pizza, and studied for two hours before class. He chose
psychology and trigonometry because he thought they would be the easiest
required classes in social sciences and math. They weren't, but he had an "A"
in both courses sewed up by noon with good test scores in both subjects. The
remaining final semester exams this week were multiple choice, and would be
comparatively easy. He had already turned in his anthropology term paper on
the Tree of Life, and had finished the Shamanism book report for English

At noon John trekked through the snow to the dining hall, ready to chow down.
As he entered the cafeteria doorway he heard Red yell, "Hey, leave me alone!"
At the middle of the second row table two big football players were holding
him, as one was going to cut his hair, fumbling to open his pocketknife and
laughing about taking his scalp. Suddenly, it was time to avenge every slap
from his father, every humiliation he ever suffered from classmates, and
defend his new friend. Force equals mass times acceleration, and with clothing
John weighed over two hundred pounds. Given acceleration to about ten meters
per second, within three seconds the bullies saw trouble arrive. They only had
time to let Red go while standing there in disbelief like female deer in the
headlights. Obviously two one-eighth ton objects were airborne when the four
ton loco-motive hit. He had to tackle at an angle to get them both and leave
Red standing. Well, Red only did one three-sixty spin. All three went sliding
down the table in a spectacular display of flying dishes and food. The closest
diners just sat there in shock as their grub sped away, a few others fell
backwards in their chairs, and the ones at the end had time to stand up and
back away. As the boys slowed down at the end of the table, the teeter-totter
effect kicked in, and the table upended as they hit the floor. On came ALL the
dishes and food sliding down as trio topping, then gravity lured the table back
down with an ear-splitting BANG. Fortunately the dishes were all plastic so
nobody got cut, but the two bad boys were only semi-conscious when the last
glass stopped spinning on the floor. It appeared there were representatives
from all the flora and fauna on them. John did not notice the flash of a

Red was white. Not from being roughed up, but from the inevitable backlash
targeting him. He yelled at John, "Are you crazy?" Then Red helped the bullies
to their feet and started wiping them off with napkins. "Are you OK? Sorry my
friend got carried away!" John thought it was them who 'got carried away,' but
kept his silence. Now that Red had assumed the moral high ground, John just
glared at the targets, hoping for some sign of resistance. However, the bad
boys were done playing. They had been hit before on the gridiron, but never
that hard, especially without padding. They each had about fifty pounds on him,
but carefully avoided eye contact. The football players limped to the coat
rack and shuffled out the side door, off to their fraternity to clean up. Red
apologized profusely to the other half-fed students at the table and offered
to get them more food, but there were no takers. With John the Berserk Viking
standing there on 'red alert' they had somehow lost the rest of their
appetite, and left. Red came back from the kitchen with two dirty dish tubs,
and John got the garbage can positioned. Together they got the food in the
garbage can, and loaded the dishes in the tubs. John worked the mop and
bucket, and by the time the janitor arrived they were done cleaning up.

How was John to know a student newspaper photographer would be there? The
newspaper editor no doubt thought he was being cute with the caption
"Citizen's Arrest: Barbering Without a License" below the food pyramid picture.
But for Red it was more personal, yet another racial humiliation he had to
bear (if he was smart).

The next day, within four hours after the student newspaper distribution, the
wheels of injustice began to turn. It was about three in the afternoon when
Red started in on John again, in the dorm room. "My education here is not only
important for me, it is important for my people!" Suddenly a knock at the
door, and the campus policeman Schmidt offered to escort them to the Dean's
office. Red was scared to the point of tears. His college career had lasted
less than two days. What would he tell his father?

Suddenly John felt horrible. What had he done? They were kept waiting in
silence for fifteen minutes in the Dean's office reception area while the dour
secretary with the graying brown beehive hairdo and 1950s dress gave them
occasional disapproving looks. They were finally seated in front of the Dean.
He looked up from the student newspaper, over the top of his spectacles, and
said in steely voice said "If you boys think you can terrorize our fine
students at this state university, you are about to do some studying behind
bars! Have I made myself clear?" The boys froze, and then simultaneously said,
"Yes sir!" Red added: "Sorry sir, it won't happen again!"

The Dean added: "I don't want to see either of you two yahoos in here again, or
I won't bother with probation. Now GIT!"

John said: "Thank you sir, no more trouble." They about-faced and marched out.
John was in a fog, again apologizing to Red: "I'm really sorry; I should have
used my head instead of my heart."

Red tried to be gracious: "Oh, forget it; I know you were just trying to stick
up for me. But we're in the real world now, and it's the big boy's game. We
play by their rules, or we don't play at all. This afternoon I was told by a
Crow Indian that those two bullies have wealthy alumni fathers, oil and gas
tycoons. Like the saying goes, follow the money. We're lucky we avoided
expulsion and jail, not to mention personal injury lawsuits for assault and
battery. OK?"

"OK, all right, I get it!" Still, he could not help thinking, 'the more things
change, the more they stay the same.' Justice was not going to be so simple.
John never figured college would be so bizarre.

The next day John was looking forward to quizzing Dr. Reddy again. Besides,
maybe a friendly sympathetic face would cheer him up. He was puzzled to see
Dr. Reddy's beautiful teaching assistant Lana Forbes behind the desk. The TA
announced to the class, "I am sorry to say that Dr. Reddy was called back to
India with a family emergency. Unfortunately, Kashmiri separatists killed one
of Dr. Reddy's uncles, and Dr. Reddy is concerned for the safety of his
family. He hopes to bring his wife and two children to America, and we wish
him well in that effort. Meanwhile, I will finish up the course."

The students were stunned. They really liked Dr. Reddy, and felt compassion for
him. John was reminded of Dr. Reddy's words about religion sometimes resulting
in warfare. Odd how religion can cause Hell. John once read that since the
Muslim invasion of India started long ago, approximately seventy-five million
Hindus had been slaughtered, the world's genocide record. The Muslim warlords
were in competition to see who could build the tallest pyramid of human
skulls, although there is nothing in the Koran that allows for annihilating
anyone who refuses to convert to Islam. Well, now he was really getting
depressed. He thought a quick a little prayer, "Dear God, please help my
friend Dr. Reddy and his family to safety here in America."

After class he asked Lana: "Ma'am, Dr. Reddy loaned me a yoga book, do you have
his address so I can send it back to him?"

"Hello, John Anderson is it?"


"Hi, I'm Lana Forbes," as she extended her hand. "Well, he said he would send
it as soon as he got moved. How is the yoga going?"

"Pretty good actually, although I've just recently started. It seems Dr. Reddy
was right, the more you do them the more limber you get. Have you tried it?"

Lana: "Oh yes, Dr. Reddy loaned me the same book last August. I can give you a
great pep talk on them; you really do feel a lot better."

John: "True, but I'd feel even better when Dr. Reddy makes it back with his

Lana: "Agreed, but I'm sure we'll see them next year. My dad was a Bureau of
Indian Affairs lawyer before going into private practice with an oil and gas
firm in D.C. He and his partners are doing quite well. He said he might be able
to 'grease the skids'."

John: "Well, different kind of Indian, but you mean your dad could get his
immigration fixed?"

Lana: "Uh, dad wouldn't use that term."

John: "Right. Well, great! I feel better knowing he's got friends in high
places. Well, back to the books, nice meeting you."

Lana: "My pleasure. Actually I wanted to talk to you about your term paper. I
read most of them last night, and was very impressed with yours. Can you stop
by the office about four this afternoon?"

John: "Uh, OK, sure, see you then."

He figured she must have given him an "A" on it. He wondered why she didn't
just make some remarks on it, but if it would help cement an 'A' he was all
for it. Besides, he had a crush on her. Not that he had a chance. She was age
23, a master's degree, rich and pretty: about five foot seven, 125 pounds,
athletic body, brilliant blue-green eyes, quick to flash a big bright smile,
dishwater blond should length hair. He was a freshman 'grease monkey'
mechanic. Later that afternoon they exchanged greetings, and he sat across the
desk as she retrieved his term paper.

"I thought I had read everything there was on the Tree of Life, but you have
given me some new insights. I was fascinated by your emphasis on the common
themes from various cultures. Sounds like something Dr. Reddy would say."

"You are right, during that conversation was when he brought up the topic of
yoga, but it was in the context of developing one's full potential. I guess as
you expand the awareness, seeing the Tree of Life is supposed to come
naturally, as a by-product."

"That is also my understanding, but one can't help but wonder what that darn
tree looks like. How is Red Horse doing?"


"Red Horse, your Indian friend."

"Well, OK I suppose. He does not seem to mind I call him Red for short. Word
gets around I guess."

"Yes, when you make a spectacular splash on the front page of the student
newspaper. I'm sorry about the backlash from the Dean, he's sort of

"Thanks. Yeah, he had no sense of humor. How did you hear about that?"

Lana: "Are you joking? His secretary is rumor central, she thrives on it. Just
know that a lot of people are impressed with your courage. No secrets on this
campus; already the standard joke is you guys are the Lone Ranger and Tonto. I
don't think Red will have any similar trouble now, as long as you are around."

"Thanks, I needed that."

"No doubt Red is a nice guy, although I haven't met him. Yet, that is."

John was a little perplexed. How did they get from the World Tree to Red? Lana
noticed John's quizzical expression. She said:

"I am reminded of one of Dr. Reddy's favorite Black Elk quotes, 'Without the
shaman's access to the World Tree humans would be cut off from the spirit
world.' Black Elk was Sioux, wasn't he?"

"I could ask Red to be sure. He knows everything about the Old West and his
people's history."

"Really? That's fascinating. I did my master's thesis on Native American
religions. Why don't you bring him over for dinner tonight?"

Now it was coming into focus: she was using John to pick Red's brain. Well, OK,
he would be the errand boy IF Red was interested and not 'lying low' until the
storm clouds passed. Besides, John was enthralled by her and would take any
time with her he could get. Later, as John entered the dorm room Red looked up
from his reading.

"Hi, Kimosabe."

"What's that mean, Lone Ranger?"

Red, laughing: "Meathead."

"Ha! That's a good one. Well, one laugh deserves another."

"How's that?"

"I've got you a date with the most beautiful woman on campus in two hours."

"White man speaks with forked tongue!"

John: "It's true, my anthropology TA wants to pick your brain. She did her
master's thesis on Indian religions."

"Time out. No matter how beautiful you think she is, she can forget about
quoting me in one of her publications. Not interested. I don't mind talking to
someone I trust like you, but she's technically with 'the establishment.'"

John was disappointed. "Well, OK, unless she promises to keep what you tell her
secret? She might be well connected around here; maybe you could use another

"Well, probably, but get her confidentiality agreement up front, or I'm eating
bread here tonight."

"Oh, one other thing." Red suddenly got a skeptical look. "Full disclosure:
I've got a crush on her."

Red: "So, we'll fight over her?"

"Well, maybe a food fight, I've got some experience in that."

"No way, you fight dirty!" They laughed.

John added: "Actually she's out of my league and all yours if you can catch

"Thanks for the thought, but I expect I would have more in common with one of
the girls back home. By the way, I was looking at that yoga book. Want to
start doing the exercises together?"

"Sure, good idea. Let me show you the ones Dr. Reddy showed me." John took off
his coat and boots, got down on the floor, and showed Red the postures,
inviting an old soul onto the path of yoga. Red then tried them with John's
guidance and repeat looks at the pictures in the yoga book. John added, "Take
it easy at first as you will not be able to stretch to meet the ideal as shown
in the pictures. If and when you become that limber your posture will
approximate the ideal positions. Just a little stretching at first. Even a
little of this yoga brings enlightenment."

John watched as Red assumed the positions. "The shoulder stand is my favorite
because it really increases the blood flow to the brain. Stretching and
twisting the spine really seems to help with my alertness also. See what you

Red: "I think I'm a little out of shape for this."

"Don’t worry, you’ll get more and more limber every time you do them. Trust me.
OK, I'll give Lana a call."

"OK, thanks for the lesson."

A quick call and Lana agreed, promising she was only interested in Red's
information for personal reasons, nothing discussed would be published. OK,
deal. She added, "Ask Red if he likes Indian food."

"I already used a variation of that joke on him, offering to show him some 'old
Indian tricks' like yoga." Like most women when they get tickled, she gave a
loud cluck! like an alarmed pheasant followed by silent laughter, slowly bowing
her head until she need to breathe again, then sucked in some air. John liked
making her laugh. John added: "If it's better than bread, we'll eat it."

Chapter 3:  The Satan-gene Vampire Psychopaths Among Us

Lana had a nice two bedroom well furnished house, decorated in a Western motif,
in the upscale faculty housing area. For dinner she served a vegetable salad
with prairie turnips, wild mint, as well as camas, evening primrose, and
smartweed roots. There was also maize on the cob, maize bread with butter and
honey, and boiled acorn cakes. For dessert there was cherry, serviceberry and
bull berry pie. It was delicious, and all had a hearty meal. Red was

During dinner the conversation started out with small talk about Dr. Reddy,
yoga, Lana's Western decorations, how she got the TA job at UM, and Red's
intent to major in political science and maybe law later if there were still
any honest judges around by then. The topic of the boys' fracas in the
cafeteria was avoided. John asked Red about the old days, when his grandfather
was young.

"Red, I forgot to ask you, did your grandfather ever meet Black Elk?"

"Sure, they knew each other casually, having met on a few occasions like during
trading meets and pow wows."

"Lana and I are interested in Black Elk's statement about the importance of the
medicine man and the World Tree to provide spirit knowledge and assistance to
humanity. Can you tell us just what has to happen before a person actually sees
the Tree of Life? Is it a result of years of preparation, or is there some
ceremony that enables a person to see it whenever they want?"

Red: "A person will gradually grow into seeing it. I am not a medicine man, but
I've seen it a few times, the first time was during a Sun Dance whereby we
attempt contact with ancestor spirits, perhaps even with the Great Spirit, for
guidance. I had been fasting for several days before that. During the dance I
was under a horse skin costume, exhausted, delirious. My right breast was
hurting from the wooden skewer tethering me by rope to the pole we dance
around." Red showed them the scars on his right breast. "I suddenly fell down,
rolled over onto my back, went out of my body, and there it was."

Lana: "I gather the Tree is an actual structure?"

Red: "Oh yes, but different seers see it differently, and give it different
interpretations. But basically, it connects the higher and lower spirit worlds
with earth. I saw the Tree as having dull greenish brown branches against a
black background, and it had yellow-green light structures of very small
rectangles, like short equally spaced vertical lines flowing within the
branches. I focused on them as they slowly move from the top to down through
the branches, and then back around into the roots and up the trunk, or maybe
axis would be a better word. It seemed almost like an egg or oval shape more
than a tree. I desired to see the source of the Tree by looking into one of
the moving lights, and immediately appreciated the higher being source, of
which the tree is just a small outer manifestation. Then after the highest
vision retreated I again saw The Tree. Then it faded and I seemed to be coming
back, descending fast, and got distracted by the thought of what other
phenomena might be seen. My teacher White Eagle previously warned me to keep my
attention focused on the Self and not go exploring off into unknown space, but
that is what happened. I apparently descended too fast and too far until I was
in the presence of some sort of lesser serpent being that seemed to be moving.
I got the impression I had stumbled into its territory. I got scared, and the
whole vision vanished."

John: "What about the higher being? What did it look like?"

"Well, that's as much as I can say. I mean, I would like to think it was the
source of life, but there was nothing there.  No thing, as the source of
every thing.  All I can say is it seemed like pure sentient void, almost as if I had
blacked out but universally awake.  I was THAT, I was God, I was home, no
doubt in my mind. It was very strange, beyond description.  A person should
have some courage before seeking such visions.  Anyway, as my sense of the
Supreme being receded, it seemed like the tree was actually the source of this
physical universe.

"I soon receded back into my body and my usual dull senses. It was quite a
comedown, not something to be done frivolously. On the bright side, I like to
think Black Elk's words at least partly describe my experience of the higher
vision: 'Peace... comes within the souls of men when they realize their
relationship, their oneness, with the universe and all its powers, and when
they realize that at the center of the Universe dwells Wakan-Tanka, and that
this center is really everywhere, it is within each of us.' Ever since then I
have felt an inner peace and freedom from fear that seems to have stayed with

Lana: "That's the most detailed description I have ever heard or read! I can't
wait to see it for myself!"

John, anticipating Red's reluctance, said to Lana: "Are you sure you want to be
a warrior? The Sun Dance sounds like quite a trial, especially that wooden
skewer in your right breast. I'd hate to see ..."

"Never mind." interrupted Lana.

Red added: "Warrior training is very difficult, even for a young man."

Lana: "Most indigenous peoples have initiation rites for the youth. Have the
Blackfoot ever initiated a white into their tribe?"

"Not only can I not speak for all the Blackfoot bands, but I cannot speak of
such things for my own. Only the chief and medicine man could think of such
things and only if there were a very good reason."

John again deflected Lana's line of questioning: "Sounds to me like a person
would have to be a Blackfoot by birth, or at least married to a Blackfoot,

Red: "That is our preference."

"Well Lana, but maybe Red has a cousin for you."

Lana wrinkled up her face at John with a sarcastic, squinty-eyed forced fake
smile, and then looked down at her plate to try to think of some way to
persuade Red to assist her tree viewing. Then she said to Red: "Have you ever
used the mescal bean?"

Red: "Well, given your prior research you already know about some rites. Yes, I
have, but the poison nearly killed me."

Lana was not deterred: "I read that some tribes have allowed whites to
participate in Native American Church peyote ceremony."

"Yes, on rare occasions."

"Well Red, maybe if I take you up on your invitation to visit your reservation
I'll check it out. We'd better get going. Thanks a lot for the great meal
Lana. We get up around five in the morning, so we should be off." John stood up
and Red was happy to follow suit as they shook Lana's hand and headed for the

Lana said: "Next time we'll talk about shape-shifting." Red just rolled his

John: "Keep feeding us like that, we'll be shifting out of shape."

As they got in John's green 1963 Ford four wheel drive pickup, Red said: "Well,
thanks for the exit; she would have grilled me all night."

"Sorry, I didn't know she was going to be that pushy about actually seeing the
Tree for herself. Not that I blame her."

Red: "My low profile these days does not include poisoning faculty members!"

"How much mescal did you take, anyway?"

"If you survive one full bean, you must be a warrior."

John: "Wow. Guess I should stay on your good side, eh? Now what the heck is

Red: "Well, you recall our discussion of visiting the spirit world. When in
that world one's desires are more easily fulfilled. In our culture we have
historically sought the spirits of animals as allies, to help us survive and
learn of the Great Spirit. I was weak with hunger on my warrior fast at the
tree line of Chief Mountain, and passing in and out of consciousness. I was
suffering from thirst, then suddenly a reddish brown horse appeared in the
dream and telepathically told me to get on and he would take me to water. I
mounted and as we rode toward a spring, I felt myself merging with the horse,
becoming one with it. By the time we got to the spring I was the horse, no
doubt whatsoever in my mind, I thought and moved as a horse. It was not
ordinary water I drank, some sort of divine elixir that gave me a vision of
the Tree of Life, followed by union with the Great Spirit, at least to some
degree. I got insight into the laws of nature and how they purify us, enabling
understanding of divine will. Well, similar shape-shifting stories come from
all indigenous cultures for thousands of years. No doubt you are thinking I
just had a dream, or a hallucination at best. Again, if you ever experience
it, you will know the reality of the difference. Anyway, that's how I got my
warrior name of Red Horse, and the horse remains my spirit ally."

John: "Hmm. I'm having a little trouble with the physics, not to mention the
chemistry, biology, and anatomy. How is such a thing possible? Is it all
mental, or do you think you were actually, literally, a horse?"

"There's no point in trying to convince you of the shaman's ability to
shape-shift in the spirit world. It is a lot easier to perform so-called
miracles in the spirit world than here, just like it is easier to fly in dreams
than fly with eagles here on earth. But basically, once you get high enough
spiritually, your soul can look back into the 'cloak room,' where each cloak
represents the body of an earth specie. If you put on the cloak of a tiger,
the next thing you know, you will be stalking in a jungle. The desires of a
powerful shaman are fulfilled and have feedback into this everyday life we
experience now. Some physicists believe higher consciousness is the basis of
matter, and can therefore control matter."

John: "I've heard of dreams coming true, but not so literally and directly. So
with this kind of power, why couldn't the tribes defeat the white man?"

"There are some stories about warriors shape-shifting into, say, a wolf while
engaged in night stalking, or an eagle if doing aerial reconnaissance. A
warrior's skill was no doubt enhanced by being in wolf-consciousness, cunning,
fast, courageous and so on but a bullet still kills a wolf. Like everything
else in this life there are limitations, a matter of degree."

John: "So if I have a camera on the shaman when he shape-shifts, I can document
every detail of the transition?"

"Theoretically yes, but I doubt any shaman in his right mind would perform a
circus stunt like that knowing it would get him killed one way or another.
Think of it this way, getting out of this Ford pickup and into a Chevy sedan is
not a big deal, if you know what you are doing. Did you ever have a dream,
realize you are dreaming, then change it?"

"I remember having a nightmare, getting scared, then decided I'd had enough and
said to myself 'I don’t have to put up with this, this is just a dream' then
woke up."

"Next time you are aware you are dreaming try taking control of the dream and
then dream whatever content you want. For example, you could dream you are
flying with eagles, or that you are an eagle flying."

John: "Well, looks like the end of my first semester in college is the first
day of school. Do you think I will ever shape-shift?"

"It depends on the strength of your desire. If you attempt shaman training to
induce the change in consciousness, you need guidance. Full disclosure: not
every young Indian survives the austerities. If you do it too quickly, there are
risks in loosening the soul from the body to visit in the spirit world. Some
souls of would-be warriors do not return to the body."

John: "Maybe so, but I would like to try visiting the spirit world for myself.
Can you show me how to do it?"

"NO! But if you ever do visit my reservation, maybe you will have a talk with
the medicine man."

They rode in silence to the dorm, and settled down in their room to read. But
John wanted more knowledge, and started in on Red again, this time triggering
a surprise tirade that would test the limits of John's patience.

"Red, earlier you mentioned no sane shaman would shape-shift for the cameras
unless he had a death wish. Why would anyone kill a miracle man?"

Red: "Have you never read a book? Millions upon millions of people have been
devoured by The Evil One for no good reason, other than Satan feeds."

John: "I don't understand."

Red: "Well, let's take it from the beginning. The evolutionists say life on
earth evolved from proteins and single-celled organisms in the ocean, which
evolved into fish, amphibians, rodents, apes and humans. Indians do not believe
our spirits did, we come from the Great Spirit. Whether we have inhabited
Fords or Chevrolets for millions of years is irrelevant. My people have been
happy to be hunter-gatherers since before we came to America. The Maker put us
on this land thousands of years ago. Smallpox and warfare seriously reduced
our numbers over recent years, and the Small Robes band went extinct.

"Columbus thought he had arrived in India so he called the residents 'Indians,'
and the name seems to have stuck. Now the Catholic men's fraternity called the
Knights of Columbus want a Columbus Day as a federal holy day or holiday in
spite of the all the Indians his troops massacred. But most new world Indians,
about sixty percent of the original Western Hemisphere Indian population, died
from white, not bullets. Whites have used many means to kill us for
hundreds of years, like gifts of small pox infected blankets. Any excuse to
kill an Indian has been a good one. The Spanish Catholics were in some ways
even more brutal. Look at this quote from King Ferdinand of Spain." Red got a
book on the Spanish Conquest of South America out of his desk and read a
paragraph to John:

"'King Ferdinand of Spain is said to have established The Requirement to
absolve all Spaniard's of the depravity and horror of their actions in the New
World. The proclamation reads in part: You Indians must recognize the Roman
Church as your Mistress and as Governess of the World and Universe, and the
High Priest, the Pope...I tell you that with the help of God I will enter
powerfully against you all. I will make war everywhere and every way that I
can. I will subject you to the yoke and obedience to the Church and to his
Majesty, I will take your women and children and make them slaves, to sell and
dispose of as his Majesty commands, and I shall do all the Evil and Damage to
you that I am able, and I insist that the deaths and injuries that you will
receive from here on will be by your own fault and not that of the Gentlemen
that accompany me.'"

John: "Geez, I knew some of that history, but the big picture is horrible. I
guess 'satanic' is an obvious choice of words. But didn't a lot of Indians
convert to Christianity anyway?"

Red: "To avoid death, yes, but no Indian is so dumb they believe printed words
in a book will significantly affect their spiritual life. What has the Bible
done for the spirituality of genocidal maniac book readers, mass thievery book
readers, or child raping priests who have spent their entire adult lives
devoted to scriptures and sacraments?"

John: "That reminds me of something Dr. Reddy said, sometimes religions cause
wars. Like they say, war is Hell, especially if you are on the receiving end
of it with inadequate defenses."

Red: "Dr. Reddy sounds like a wise Indian. Anyway, we need to learn the white
man's ways just to survive. If a medicine man shape shifted on camera, even
into a visible astral body of an angel, that would be a major threat to jealous
people of other religions who would find an excuse to kill him, and maybe his
tribe. The bottom line is, whether it is Dr. Reddy's scriptures or the Bible,
theory is useless without practice. Speaking of the Bible, did you hear how it
was born?"

"No, tell me."

Red: "Well, on your own you can research all the ancient stories that were
around for thousands of years BC. Many of the ideas in the Epic of Gilgamesh
from at least five thousand BC wound up in the Old Testament. The Mesopotamia
stories of the creation of man in a wondrous garden, the introduction of Evil
into an innocent world, the flooding of the world brought on by evil men, and
God chooses a man to save humanity and animals by building a big boat, and so
on. There are many more examples indicating the old stories about old Gods
were plagiarized and attached to the new God, a process anthropologists call
assimilation. All the original Gods had wives who were gradually forgotten
in terms of everyday worship. Occasionally an earthly savior would be born of a
God father and virgin earthling mother. From Mesopotamia to Egypt this or that
God was pre-eminent depending on which tribe or city was more populous and/or
politically influential at any given time and place. If each unique snowflake
represented each person's conception of God, you would have a blizzard.

"The more ancient theologies were primarily focused on heavenly objects like
the moon, the fire God of the sun, and select stars. The sacred bull deity of
fertility was popular, as was the Earth Goddess. More recently we see a set of
primary godlike attributes, and different cultures give the same character
different names. In the Middle East, An was the Sumerian sky God of Heaven and
lord of the constellations, called Anu by the Babylonians. Ishkur was the
Assyrian and Babylonian God of storms and rainwater, who was known as Adad in
Babylon, and Hadda or Hadad in Syria and Canaan. Some believed Hadad was the
One God Most High, so sacred it was prohibited to speak his name out loud.
Hadad's son was Elohe, also Eloi or El, so when those people wanted to call on
God they called on the name of his son, Eloi. The problem there was that by
prohibiting his name from being spoken the people forgot about Hadad, and over
time his son Eloi became God the Father. Some considered Ba'al or Baal as the
son of Elohe, and he subsequently became a popular God in Canaan and
throughout the Middle East, worshiped in the form of a bull. Keep in mind many
of these Gods had astrological inspirations, like the constellation Taurus. As
one age fades, a new constellation predominates, so time for a new God, maybe
even one who controls the constellations. The worship rituals were also
designed to remind the people of the time for planting and harvest and so on,
just to survive.

"The Canaanites subsequently considered Baal the Lord of the Heavens, also
known as the 'Space-Filling God,' and 'He who holds the stars in place,' and
also as the storm God who brings rains, just like Hadad. For some people Baal
eventually became the new 'God Most High' in charge of enthroning and
de-throning constellation-based Gods. The Canaan creation myth included Baal
defeating the primeval sea monsters Lothan, Yam, and Yah, also known as
Yahweh. Yahweh was the low-life serpent God of the waters of chaos, and the
Canaanites also considered Yahweh a son of Baal. Yahweh's 'consort' was Baal's
wife, Asherah.

"At the top of all the signs of the zodiac back then was the constellation the
Dragon, given the Arabic name Draco, one of the few constellations whose name
better fits the form. When the Great Pyramid of Giza was built around 2550 BC,
the pole star, Alpha Draconis, was in that Draco constellation. Concurrently,
the Babylonian myth was that Tiamat was a sea serpent, a huge bloated dragon
existing before sea and sky were separated, the dragon of the waters of chaos.
The Persians also regarded Draco as a man-eating serpent. All those ancient
cultures were agreed that there was a powerful destructive force symbolized by
a dragon or serpent. These days, in the north sky in September the end of
Draco's tail is located between the big and little dippers, and Draco is

"The Aramaic ancestors of the Hebrews near Ugarit in Syria worshiped the
supreme God Hadad whose name they believed was too sacred to say out loud.
They also worshiped Hadad's son Elohe, also known as Eloi, Elias, and Eli or
El for short. You may recall Jesus dying on the cross, when he said 'My God,
my God, why hast thou forsaken me?' As Aramaic descendants Jesus and the Jews
spoke Aramaic, a common language in the Middle East back then, so his actual
words were 'Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?' He could not call on his dad Hadad
whose name was too sacred to speak out loud, so he called on God's son Eloi for
relief. By calling on God's son he called on God the Father.

"The Hebrew prophets were using standard procedure in the Middle East when they
decided to create their own God Most High by elevating one God above the
others. Eloi's bad son Yah or Yah-weh was sometimes mispronounced as Jehovah,
the serpent god of chaos. By defeating in combat other Gods of the same
nature, such as Tannin, Tiamat and Leviathan or son of Levi the new God Yahweh
assumed their powers, thereby becoming strong enough to beat Baal. If the
Hebrew prophets really believed Yahweh was the 'one true God,' they would not
have him lowering himself by rolling around in the mud while fighting other
Gods for supremacy. Anyway, Yahweh also hates the higher Gods Hadad and Eloi,
and as the God of destruction he wants to replace them. Yahweh is a jealous
god, as you would expect of an evil force of chaos, a man-eating serpent, and
those traits are what eventually got him cast down into the earth. But back in
2550 BC people still looked to Draco to find the pole star, but when the
earth's axis finished its shift, like it does about every 25,500 years, people
these days look to Polaris as the new pole star, located in the end of the
handle of the Little Dipper.

"Old Testament writers like Isaiah were trying to promote Hebrew monotheism
like the Egyptians had in their one true God, Ra, symbolized by the sun.
Isaiah read Egyptian and Babylonian scriptures, plagiarizing some of their
exact words, and scratching his head while trying to assimilate their ideas.
To help continue the Hebrews quest for their own 'one true God' Isaiah like
some of his predecessors cite Eloi as God, then complete the fiction by
identifying him as Yahweh, who was of course Eloi's bad son. They misused the
'like father like son' argument to promote Yahweh from the jealous, evil
serpent of the waters of chaos to God of Gods. Isaiah's fiction had Yah
defeating other Gods to raise his stature, thereby becoming reborn,
re-packaged, and re-marketed as 'the new and improved one true God,' Yahweh.
Isaiah and the previous writers apparently had little choice to settle on Yah
in spite of his lowly origins, as all the other major Gods were already
claimed by other cultures, and only a well-known brand name should defeat in
mortal combat the still popular Baal. Besides, times were hard in their arid
land, so they made a deal with the evil spirit Yahweh: he possesses them so
they can rule the earth, while they worship him and strengthen him by feeding
him gentiles. Currently, Jewish theologians are shy to explain the nature of
Yahweh, a Mediterranean sea monster that crawled onto land and then created the
heavens and the earth. You can imagine the news headline of those bygone days:
'Local Snake Makes The Big Time, Creates Existence!' No wonder that the Jewish
Holy Talmud scriptures state that any rabbi can win a debate with God.

John: "What? Are you serious?"

Red: "Yes."

John: "Well, now that you mention it, Dr. Reddy once told us that the prophet
Mohammed worshipped God the Father, Eloi, whose name he pronounced as El-Ah,
which is now commonly pronounced as Allah. Are you saying Yahweh the bad son is
warring against God the Father? And we are Yahweh's unwitting soldiers in that

Red: "I know it sounds outrageous, but you have to hear the whole story before
you can piece the puzzle together. Religious confusion reigned in those
transition days. The sons of Israel's first king, Saul, were named after Baal,
and the Old Testament prophet Hosea mentions Yahweh was sometimes called Baal.
Some Psalms refer to Yahweh as Baal, living on Mount Zion. King Solomon built a
temple and his tribute to Yahweh was a large bronze serpent. Solomon's son
Rehoboam was on the bandwagon about 960 BC, and promoted the House of David
line of succession to unite the tribes of Judah and Israel under Yahweh.

"In the New Testament, Revelations talks about Lucifer trying to take over from
God, and had a third of the angels in on the coup attempt. The story of Draco
and Yahweh is in lockstep with that of the fallen, proud angel Lucifer. Who
tempted Eve? A snake, the Devil in disguise. Remember that in Revelations the
Bible talks about the Devil as a dragon, stating 'His tail drew a third of the
stars of Heaven and threw them to the earth.'  Draco and his fallen angels were
condemned down into the earth, into Hell.  In the history of human evolution
Draco's had some utility, enabling competition among and within species, known
as survival of the fittest animal.  However, that limited range of mental  'radio'
waves becomes a hindrance to evolution by holding lesser humans within
the upper limit of that earthbound mammalian spectrum.  Well, I hiked deep into
an underground cave once, and sure enough the deeper you go the worse it feels
spiritually. Give me a mountaintop instead.

"Some people think DracoYahwehSatan had the Egyptians build the Great Pyramid
of Giza long ago, most Egyptologists speculate around 2550 BC. The Pharaoh was
supposed to be God's son, so presumably the pharaoh's ego needs required his
subjects believe it and treat him accordingly. The Egyptian priests saw the
stars moving in the night sky, and erroneously assumed the non-moving star must
be Heaven because all the other stars revolved around it. It held the Heavens
in place, so it must be Heaven. At that time they may have been looking at
stars in what we call the constellation Orion. The earth's axis shifts about
every 25,500 years, so we get a different pole star periodically. Consequently
the pyramid builders placed the Giza pyramid's descending passage at the
entrance on the North face. That passage angles down through the pyramid base
into the bedrock below, then horizontally to the Pit, also known as the Room of
Chaos. In that room is found the pyramid's only writing, which references the
year 2141 BC when the passage would be directly aligned with Alpha Draconis,
the Dragon Star in the constellation Draco, the unmoving pole star of the time.
The theory is that the pyramid was a desperate attempt by Yahweh to build an
ascension tool, navigating home by starlight.

"It is interesting that the Tibetans and Parsees allow vultures to devour the
bodies of the deceased. Likewise, when I go, I do not want anything earthly
to hold me back. I could care less what junk yard my body vehicle winds up in.
Supposedly Catholics suffer eternal damnation if they do not pay the Catholic
cemetery fees. But the ancient Egyptians went overboard with the pharaoh tomb
business. I suspect elaborate death rites are more comfort to the loved ones
left behind than assistance to the spirit of the departed. To get the work
done the Egyptians were brainwashed into thinking the Pharaoh would get them a
place in Heaven, but it appears the real purpose of the pyramid was an
ascension tool for Yahweh.

"Anyway, you can see coalescing old gods and myths into one God of the Old
Testament was politics, not prophecy. You know what they say about politics.
It's like making sausage; a messy business you don't want to watch but it is
the outcome that is important. Meanwhile every culture in history has
proclaimed themselves God's chosen people; self-esteem is inborn.

"It's hilarious the Old Testament prophets like Joshua claimed God was
speaking to them when Joshua wrote that Palestine was land God gave to the
Jews. Joshua was trying to pump up the Jews by telling them anywhere they walk,
God is with them and it is their land. Jeremiah proclaimed the Lord spoke to
him to prophesy against all non-Jewish nations. Only an idiot could possibly
believe the Great Spirit, Almighty God of Gods, Creator of All was on personal
speaking terms with SnakeYahweh, let alone the prophet scam operators. But if
you browbeat such goofy claims into the heads of children they will still
believe them when they grow up. The Hebrews took it a step further in about
200 AD when they decided they were the supreme race and everyone else was

"Those various original Bible stories were written by over a hundred different
people with different motives. They were located in different countries, and
separated by hundreds of years. Consequently to market Yahweh worship the
Hebrew prophets had to condense the sales literature. Later most areas of the
early Christian church who were more interested in spirituality than money
wanted to keep the Old Testament sausage out of the Bible, and only the New
Testament in the Bible, so Yahweh's bishops retaliated. They persuaded the
Roman emperor Constantine to slaughter those bishops like the Gnostics who were
against the Old Testament inclusion in the Bible. The murdering bishops took
control, and got rich making up the rules as they went along. Today's Bible was
put together about 350 AD after severe editing by church leaders.

"The 'Gnostics' name was Greek for knowledge, as they bitterly criticized the
money monger bishops for using Jesus's teachings to get rich by placing
themselves between humanity and God. Saint Augustine was in the Manichean
sect of the Gnostics, but figured there was no way he could survive against
Yahweh, so he sold out to the Church and turned on the Manicheans, like a
viper, to save his own neck. The Catholic Church slaughtered the last of the
Manicheans in Europe in the twelfth century. The Gnostics paid the ultimate
price for telling the truth, namely that the Vatican represented the satanic
side of the Church. The Church gave the people nothing but faith, which
translates as hope, to get them reunited with God. To make sure they did not
succeed in bypassing the Church to know God directly the people were kept
dependent on church dogma, specifically dumb and trivial theoretical
speculations, and a good dose of lies wrapped up in pomp and ceremony.
Trusting in that dogma cost the people some of their income, and presumably
their spiritual life.

"Later it was the Roman Empire that was the marketing machine for Christianity,
after it became the official state religion courtesy of Constantine. To help
finance it the Catholic clergy dreamed up 'give us ten percent of your income
or go to Hell for eternity,' and other financial scams dictated as God's Laws.
The larger the number of persuaded or terrorized converts, the more money the
priests made. They made changes to Bible scriptures to enhance their marketing
strategies, like removing references to reincarnation. The only surviving hint
was John 9 verse 2: 'And his disciples asked him, saying, Master, who did sin,
this man, or his parents, that he was born blind?' With reincarnation out of
the way, people have only one shot at salvation, so they had better do
everything the priests tell them. Birth control eventually became a Hell-bound
practice because it would cut the population of tithe payers to the Church.
Another perk of the priest's job was raping young boys without legal
consequences. It's been that way ever since."

John: "Ever since? What do you mean?"

"It's history. The religious wars, the Crusades, all of the genocides all over
the world in the name of God. I wouldn't be surprised if some of your
ancestors were bitten. You probably heard of the Inquisitions. God created
plants and ordered His Children to use them for food and medicine. Then
suddenly some Italian fascist in Rome orders everybody in the world obeying
that Medicine Law of God to be slaughtered for witchcraft, or convert and pay
up. After becoming the official church of the Roman and other empires, they
created a myriad of new rules, using all available military, political and
economic tactics to squeeze money, land, and allegiance out of everyone they
could. Today the politicians, generals, spy bureaucrats, corporations, and
judges have taken over the fascism leadership, but the churches continue to
squeeze the faithful to war against non-paying infidels."

John: "Now that you mention it, I once read the story of Geronimo. Apparently
some priest was pushing the idea that Indians were vermin and needed to be
exterminated. The local fort commandant agreed, and Spanish troops attacked
Geronimo's tribe. Among the dead were his mother, wife and three children.
Geronimo got his revenge by allying with a local related tribe, and wiped out
the Spanish troops stationed at that fort. I guess Dr. Reddy would call it
karma: as you sow, so shall you reap."

Red: "Well, it didn't really end there. Geronimo eventually wound up in a
cemetery near Ft. Sill, Oklahoma. According to historical records at Yale
University's Skull and Bones fraternity, former U.S. Senator Prescott Bush in
his younger army days, and five other army captains, raided Geronimo's grave.
That Skull and Bones outfit still has Geronimo's skull in a glass display case
in their windowless fraternity meeting hall called The Tomb. The 'Bonesmen' as
they call themselves do not deny it. Inside the Tomb is a lodge room with walls
covered with black velvet and a skull and crossbones resting on a table.  The
walls of the sacred room, number 322, are covered with red velvet, with a finger
pointing to the Satan star, Draco.  

"Apparently their secret fascist fraternity rites include dressing up as
skeletons, the Pope and such and playing with skulls, apparently to train
America's future leaders that killing others is expected of them. They require
initiates to run around naked and lie in coffins as part of the satanic
initiation ritual. While naked, the humiliation makes it easier to extract
information out of them, so they adopted the tactic into prisoner
interrogation in Vietnam. The initiates must list all their sexual encounters
so they could not blackmail other members in the future without retaliation.
They find out later that if they even consider revealing Skull and Bones
secrets, they are then informed of the previous Bonesmen who have been
murdered for making that ultimate mistake.  They think their initiation is a
parlor game, without realizing good and evil spirits surround us. They get
possessed by the demon they have conjured, which starts assisting them
with the strategic deception training, and as the evil spirit grows up with them
they progress to participating in massive theft and mass murder in imperialist
genocidal wars.

"They disperse geographically once they start their careers, like the oil and
banking cronies Bush and Hinckley in Texas and Colorado, and the Cowles'
deception media companies based in Chicago, Des Moines, and Spokane.
Alfred Cowles and sons started the fascist Spokesman Review newspaper
by eliminating the competition, then hired mathematicians to devise mechanisms
to further manipulate the financial markets.  As the 'Inland Empire' headquarters
of Skull and Bones, the Cowles clan located the U.S. Federal building directly
across the street from the Spokesman Review building to make sure the
feds did what they were told, especially the FBI, the Federal Bureau of
Illuminati.  They brought in Fairchild Air Force Base, and loaded it up with
nuclear weapons.  While the Skull and Bones military-industrial complex
perfects harvesting people, the Illuminati Weyerhaeuser lumber family in
Washington state has perfected clear-cut harvesting of the world's forests.
The Cheney family has been in Skull and Bones from its inception.

John:  "So every major American city has an Illuminati mass media operation
that locates the federal building close to their downtown location so as to enable
surveillance of the feds?"  

"That's it.  The Bonesmen, I call them Boneheads among other names, modeled
themselves after the German example of obedience to the state. First they get
control of the government, then compel obedience. They are literally dumb enough
to believe the state is destined to dominate the spirit of the individual. If Congress
fails to shrink this or that federal social agency, Skull and Bones hollows it out from
within by any means necessary, commonly Republican politics.

"It started in the 1740s in Bavaria when orthodox Jews Mr. and Mrs. Adam
Weishaupt agreed with their rabbi of the need to infiltrate the Catholic Church, so
they converted to Catholicism.  Their son Adam Weishaupt was born in 1748.  He
became a scholar, and his parents taught him the Hebrew language.  He was
educated in Catholic schools, while remaining Jewish at heart.  He imbibed the
Jewish tradition of yearning for the arrival of the Messiah to rule the earth, and
continued his father's project of learning all he could of society's political power
structures.  To that end he became a Jesuit Catholic priest.  He left the priesthood
rather than obey orders to visit other countries to make Catholic converts.  Instead,
became a college professor.  He was fascinated by the satanic powers promised
in the Jewish Kabala and other Middle Eastern mystery cults, and by the Great
Pyramid of Giza.  He used that pyramid symbol for his own secret pyramidal
hierarchical society, the Illuminati.  That is why the pyramid is on the back of the
U.S. one dollar bill.  At the lower level there are novices, followed by knights,
the grades of priest, regent, and magus.  Weishaupt reserved the top position
for himself, the King of the World, Illumanitus Rex.  

"He proceeded to develop the philosophy to out-Jesus Jesus.  He espoused the
ideal that all men are created equal, an obvious reference point that appealed
to people's altruism so they would let down their guard.  He then stated that such
a glorious end will justify any means to achieve it.  He espoused the goal of
world peace by infiltrating all government power circles, using deception.  He
was using philosophy such as Hegel's, whereby anything goes to cause chaos so
so as to be on top of the new synthesis.  The New World Order would be run
by Jews who dominate all the earthlings.  He then set about infiltrating the
Freemasons, given that they had so many members with political power.  Most
Freemasons eventually caught on to his game, and opted out of joining the
Illuminati.  By the time the Illuminati got to America, Freemasons like George
Washington identified the Illuminati as satanic Jews.  In spite of such opposition,
the Illuminati gradually went through a metamorphosis as more and more
members were white Protestants, but still young souls pursuing the same sins.  
Today the American Illuminati is also known as the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant
or WASP mafia.    

"The great deception (deception being the art of war), was that Weishaupt's army
of scholars would perfect humanity by establishing a New World Order, as stated
on the back of the American dollar bill below the pyramid:  Novus Ordo Seclorum.  
The new Illuminati members were simply assured the Illuminati were immersed in
ancient truths, and their members in the past had included Catholic popes.  However,
each level of the hierarchy would report monthly to his anonymous superior, so the
lower echelon would never know what use would be made of the information
provided to those superiors.  By the time they ascended up the chain of command,
they were so implicated in its sins they could not 'blow the whistle' without getting
hung themselves. This hierarchy was enforced with oaths of total obedience and
unending secrecy.  That way they could infiltrate all religions and governments
so as to do away with them, like a parasite devouring its host.  Illuminati tell all
the people exactly what those people want to hear, while intending the exact
opposite fate for them. The basic elements of their secret agenda is the abolition
of government, private property, patriotism, married family life, and

"When an Illuminati courier was killed by lightning, the Bavarian police found
Illuminati messages sewn inside the man's clothing.  In 1784 the King of Bavaria
shut down the Illuminati secret society.  The only 'illumination' of the Illuminati is
the black light of the Prince of Darkness, Lucifer, which attracts snakes.  Well,
such was the 'higher wisdom' giving them the right to rule by secretly influencing
all political transactions. No surprise the Satan worshipper's pentagram is in
reality the Star of David. An American student visiting in Germany, William Russell,
returned to America and opened Illuminati Chapter 322 at Yale University in 1832.
Even though the Illuminati Skull and Bones fraternity, 'The Tomb,' is located in the
middle of the Yale University campus, the university claims they have no affiliation
with it.  That is kind of like the body saying the heart has no affiliation with it.  

"Weishaupt and his Illuminati disciples created such strong desires for dominion
over the earthlings that they sentenced their souls deep into hell for a long time.  
The stronger the desire and the weaker the ability to fulfill it the deeper the hell.  
By the time the Illuminati finally reincarnate so as to continue the journey of the soul,
they should not be surprised they are a destitute, diseased orphan girl trying to
scratch a living off of desolate land.  

"Skull and Bones has imitator fascist organizations, such as the Catholic Opus Dei
outfit. Again, it was started by a Vatican associated priest to infiltrate the government
and communications media, using deception to farm the people for their money.
When one employee unwittingly broke one of the founder's secrecy rules, the priest
ordered her sodomized, a practice near and dear to the Church. Opus Dei members
are fascists, defined as those who are totally against liberty, equality, and fraternity
as exemplified in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Fascists are
lethal larcenous liars. Their members rise to influential positions, and vampirize the
poor while pretending to be apostles of Jesus. Such younger souls strive to be the
uppermost class by decimating the middle class into the lower class.  

"The Yale Illuminati outfit was also called The Brotherhood of Death. Later
they changed their name to Skull and Bones to camouflage their image
without giving up their intentions. The Russell family was in the international
narcotics trade, and had a fleet of ships which flew the black flag with the
white skull and crossbones, the symbol of piracy.  

"The Skull and Bones Illuminati initiate only fifteen seniors per year, and about
600 or so are alive at any time, with only about 150 active in society. About
25 families control the secret society's affairs. Members are Knights, senior
members are Patriarchs, and, no surprises, outsiders are gentiles. Any
Bonesman or ally thereof, young or old, who wants to enhance white Anglo-
Saxon WASP royal power with this or that project, they are immediately inundated
with funding.  They take the oath of secrecy not to discuss their business with
others, although senior Bonehead statesmen openly talk of top-secret government
matters at the Bonehead's annual dinners.  They operate like the British royal
families, as evidenced by the British genocides in Ireland, India, Africa, China,
and other places. Their arrogance boggles the mind, as you might expect from
people tracing their ancestry to the British and other European royal families.
Keep in mind that historically royals were not elected royalty by the peasants.
'Royals' typically slaughtered their way to the top. Imperialists have always
assaulted the lower classes, so it takes a revolution like in America and France
to give a middle class a chance to grow.  But the imperialists never admit
defeat, and just continue to attack like vampires; it is the nature of The Beast.  
It's disgusting watching the Brits turning out in droves to get a look at Satan's
cow so they can bow down to her.

"A baby needs total security and warmth with everything they can possibly use
automatically given to them. Bonesmen are very young souls who murder and
steal to relieve their anxiety in their attempt to recreate womb conditions:
total security and warmth and everything they could want immediately available
to them. Spoiled brats detest an adult who orders sharing of toys with others.
Boneheads commonly come from the original upper class American immigrant
families who got rich on the slave and opium trades. They don't have the slave
trade anymore, but they want it back, and they still want all the 'legal' and
'illegal' drug businesses under their control. If they cannot control the drug
or plant or get rich off of it they make it illegal and jail or kill all who continue
to use it to prevent competition with their pharmaceutical assets. No matter
if animals, and later humans, have been using the plants successfully for over a
million years. The U.S. federal government also wanted to force non-citizen
Mexican workers back to Mexico in the 1930's by looking at their customs,
focused on marijuana smoking, and thus made it illegal.

"All the world's original religions were based on using psychoactive plants to
commune with God. In the Old Testament, Exodus 30: 22-25, talks about God
ordering the fictitious Moses to use kaneh bos anointing oil to absorb the
psychoactive ingredient through the skin. Actually, the practice was thousands
of years old by then. Rodents found it by experimental eating of plants, and
the apes also ate it. Ape-men continued the practice, and taught it to the
Neanderthals. The Neanderthals taught it to the Aryans and Chinese, and the
Scythians eventually taught the Hebrew priests. Cannabis originated millions of
years ago in the region between the Altai and Ural mountains and the Caspian

"In about 282 BC the Egyptian Pharaoh Ptolemy II hired Hebrew priests to
translate their Torah scriptures. Kaneh bos was deliberately mistranslated by
Levite Hebrew priests as a different herb called sweet calamus or fragrant
cane. They did not want the commoners to have that source of medicine,
otherwise the Levites would have become unnecessary and lose their elevated
status in their tribe. More recently the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has
admitted Kanehbos is indeed cannabis. Jesus was a Hebrew priest, and was
covered with the stuff, thus earning the title 'Christ,' meaning 'the Anointed
One,' who used the unction to anoint and heal the sick. Absorption through the
skin is probably pretty slow but the effects might last for days. Cannabis is a
primary beneficial herb in most of the ancient cultures' healing traditions
from China to India to Europe to Africa because of its remarkable healing
qualities for a wide range of maladies. It was on the U.S. pharmacopoeia list
until the 1920s, but the fascists figured it could hurt their drug profits
because people could grow their own. Let's see your Bible again.

"OK, in 1 John 2:20 it states 'But ye have an unction from the Holy One, and ye
know all things.' The Naasenes who had been smeared with the holy anointing
oil considered themselves the true Christians, as the fire in the chrism made
them Christs, anointed ones. They also used kanehbos as incense, just like
the Scythians who used the word cannabis. In Mark 6:13 it states: 'And
they cast out many devils, and anointed with oil many that were sick, and
healed them.' When you look at the Bible ingredients for holy anointing oil it
says myrrh, cinnamon, sweet calamus, cassia, and olive oil. Obviously none of
those ingredients has any effect on the mind or body, except for a perhaps a
minor placebo effect on the dangerously dumb faithful. But by replacing sweet
calamus with the real active ingredient, cannabis, everything Jesus and the
disciples said about the Holy Anointing Oil suddenly becomes true. Jesus's
disciple Mark converted some of the Ethiopians to Christianity, and their
Coptic Church remains the only original Christian sect that still practices
the original Christian Holy Communion based upon cannabis, as opposed to
today's commonplace fake communion.

"Who does the President or Pope think they are for killing God's children for
following God's orders that have been in existence since the dawn of rodents
on earth? SatanSerpent Yahweh wants total control, and that end always
justifies any means he wants to use. If Jesus reincarnated today the
born-again Christian anti-Christs would have him shot or jailed within a day.
Even though cannabis or hemp has been used for its fibers for thousands of
years, Satan prohibits its growing even for legitimate industrial reasons. The
American Founding Fathers grew it and made its cultivation by every farmer a
law. The cannabis fibers, mispronounced as canvas, are in products from
sails and tents to the paper in the Declaration of Independence.

"For thousands of years people have evolved off the earth with the help of
God's plants, but recently a manufacturing process to kill brain cells has
been discovered. Satan's alcohol industry has been growing century in and
century out, killing off the competition like cannabis by any means necessary.
As alcohol consumption becomes generally accepted in a society, the pregnant
women drink it to kill their baby's serotonin brain cells as part of the kid's
preparation for evil spirit possession, aggression, and perhaps soldier

John: "Wait a minute! No expectant mother in her right mind would drink booze
to deliberately harm her own child. What makes you think mothers want to
handicap their own kids?"

Red: "Like you said, in her right mind. Given the danger inherent in violating
that law of nature, obviously she is not in her right mind to drink booze while
pregnant, just ignorant of why some cultures prohibit any alcohol consumption.
Absent a strong moral code consistent with the laws of nature, a person is asking
for demons to influence their thoughts in a dark manner. Some cultures want
women to stay home, or at least veiled, not to torment them but to keep them

"Historically the Yahweh-infected patriarchal fascist type people have great
difficulty experiencing internal happiness, in fact they have no clue what it
might be. They seek happiness externally such as by money, power, and
big-shot status. However, no matter how much they have stolen they develop
habituation to the wealth, then need more like a drug addict, especially if the
guys fear their women are inclined toward the world's oldest profession and
might leave them for a richer husband. Their elation by ego expansion, then
boredom, then anxiety, fear, and depression roller coaster can seemingly only
be alleviated by more murder, theft and lies. The less Self awareness, the more
fear, and the more aggression in an attempt to alleviate those fears.  By being
so attached to mundane gratification, those desires remain in the memory of
their soul, profoundly limiting the joy the afterlife.  If austerity wins the joys of
heaven, hedonism wins non-heaven.  If life is a dream, American life is
a recurring nightmare when compared to the long term bliss that is being
being given up for short term pleasures.

"Originally, the old phony priests did not want to have to get a real job, so
they partnered up with the chief executive of their country to prevent plant
use so the government could get more work and thereby tax money out of the
people who were suddenly prohibited from 'kicking back' and communing with
God. The priests got a monopoly on matters spiritual and the tithing income
because the people could no longer bypass the priest for communion with God.
To pay the taxes and tithes they had to work longer and harder. The spread of
patriarchal fascism is to the point now where the faithful get fake communion
and their boys get drafted into Satan's War Machine. The people are so
parasitized and tired by retirement time they cannot enjoy the leisure.

"Anyway, it's all about enslavement. The Boneheads inter-marry to help control
every aspect of American government: the Presidency and its executive branches
as well as Congress and the Supreme Court. One Bonehead, Henry Stimson, Secretary
of War under Franklin Roosevelt, wrote a book that started a Skull and Bones
tradition. He said America needs an occasional war just to stay in shape and
increase its power. The U.S. military likes to be prepared to fight three major
wars at any time. The best way to test for that is to have one in each generation
so American men undergo natural selection screening for combat survival traits,
which helps keep the American race strong. Stimson was riding on Teddy Roosevelt's
coat tails. Franklin's cousin Teddy furthered the 'manifest destiny' inevitable
American expansion lie to get the Spanish-American War going. Some evidence
suggests Teddy ordered the bombing of our own ship, the Maine, that was berthed
in a Cuban harbor. It was a classic false flag operation: anger the public so they
will pay for another war the fascists can get rich on. Can't say I am sorry that
the Spanish got Indian lands taken away from them, but it appears there is no
honor among murderers and thieves.

"Satan's War Machine also needs ex-military personnel in the government to
retain fascist control of it by using tactics like hiring preferences, since
the highest aspiration of the Boneheads is to start a war with their name on
it. Boneheads and their Zionist Jewish allies control the news media, the
elections through phony public opinion polls and falsified vote counting, mass
mind control, and so on. The CIA, the Central Illuminati Agency, started
Operation Mockingbird in the 1950's to gain control of the news media.
Falsified vote counting is one of the Bonehead CIA's favorite attacks against
the people.  It is just a matter of time until the Central Illuminati Agency infects
the American body politic with its own political party, using the CIA-
Jewish mass media to propagandize the people into voting for Zionist-fascist
'news' media personalities disguised as a patriots.  Meanwhile, the American
public education system is designed to get some professionals, and more
blue-collar workers. In the name of increased competency the Ziongovernment
creates tougher standardized tests to get the needed quota of high school
drop-outs to man Satan's war machine and conquer Israel's prey.

"The Founding Fathers of America emphasized the need for an informed
electorate to make democracy work. However, by successfully duping the
public, instead of a blessing democracy is more often a curse. Absent wisdom,
ongoing ignorance by the populace results in the people paying for slaughter
of anybody in the Zionfascist's way, at home or abroad.

"By controlling the candidates for elections Zionfascists control both sides of
all debates. Kennedy's assassination was too messy and labor intensive, so it
is better to have your political candidates pretend to compete for the top job."

John: "My psychology professor once said the CIA hired one of his colleagues to
help with military mass mind control. That psychologist recommended to the
Pentagon they finance non-stop movie and TV broadcasting of war and crime
content to keep the people's fight-or-flight reptilian brains activated. That
way Americans are more inclined to go to war at any time without any good
reason, other than general anxiety and paranoia."

Red: "Not only that. Concurrently, Zionfascists prepare the ground for the
degradation and weakening of American's minds by constantly pushing for
increased sex and violence in Hollywood-type media. The weak-minded are easy to
deceive and control. Soon, American youth will all have sexually transmitted
diseases. Roman aristocracy exerted control of their passive dumb citizens with
bread and circuses; likewise ZionFascists use bread and TV to help enslave the
American people while using our money for genocidal wars.

"Zionfascists pit races, creeds, and regions against each other.  Often, when the
imperialist colonizers are being forced out of a country by freedom fighters, while
they still have some power they influence the partitioning of the colonies' national
boundary lines.  The colonizer does not want to give up the pillaging of the area,
so the boundary splits ethnic groups down the middle to ensure civil war and
chaos.  In chaos lies opportunity to continue to exploit by pitting various groups
against each other, for centuries.  Colon-izers are like a wolf pack, cooperating
among themselves to create chaos among the prey, enabling the colonial
'investors' to get obscene profits.  To help finance the civil wars, the leaders of
the former colonies sell the country's natural resources cheap to their former
masters, rather than be executed.  For the Zionists and fascists, a colony's
independence is a brief lull in perpetual warfare.  It is hard to imagine a better
formula for Hell on earth. To help counteract such sin, a five percent tax on
ALL banking transactions would solve poverty on earth, if those trillions of dollars
were honestly allocated among the people.

"Fascist politicians, primarily Republicans but Democrats soon succumb to the
yahwehvirus, are always eager for bribes, even small ones. Republicans do not care
if they use death or deception to get wealth and power, then hammer Democrats who
try to get some of the money back with increased taxes.   Consequently Republicans
delight in privatizing government functions, because they then have total CIA and
Pentagon control over the private corporation that has suddenly been subcontracted
the lucrative task of biting the people in the jugular artery. They start the privatization
process by putting their guys in charge of hiring, increase the work load while
restricting the funding, then hold the employees to excessively high productivity
standards. When the productivity drops enough to get Americans to complain to
Congress about what a bad job the agency does, Congress declares they have no
choice but gift the agency to the corporations who get richer by parting it out like an
old car. One book on the topic is 'The Life Cycle of Regulatory Agencies.' America
is not a democracy, it is an auction. Meanwhile, the CIA is compiling the master
dossier lists of everybody, their medical and financial records, who lives where, and
will eventually have constant tracking of everyone's location, even the homeless.
The Zionfascist propaganda machine even convinces the homeless that it is evil to
grow the size of the government commensurate with the population growth.  Once
Big Brother has everybody's medical records it will be a lot easier to kill patriots and
make it look like a natural death.

"The more patriots involved in defense of the Constitution, the easier to thwart
their 'conspiracy against the government.'  Absent enforced secrecy, somebody
always brags about their new endeavor.  Consequently, the fascists are afraid of
the lone wolf patriot who take action on their own.  Eventually, even transients
will have to register their movements with the government. That way by the time
the people figure out they are slaves and try to fight back, the military and law
enforcement will have an easy time of it, like shooting fish in a barrel."

John: "Now it makes sense."

Red:  "What?"

John:  "My business professor said businesses can require social security numbers
of all customers for use in bill collecting. The ulterior motive appears to be Big
Brother control of the population."

Red: "You're catching on. First they need to enslave us financially, thereby
farming us like animals. The purpose of the corporation is to place the
corporate officers far above the law. The Zionfascists declared corporations to
be persons with full commercial rights but obviously you cannot throw a
corporation in jail or execute it. That way the corporation just pays 'slap on
the wrist' fines instead of corporate officers going to jail for life, regardless
of how much pain they cause. Corporations are so spoiled now they assume they
have a divine right to lie, cheat, steal, and sometimes kill us. There is little
difference between corporate marketing and theft. The Zionfascists gradually
redirect all law enforcement activity away from corporations and against us.

"Corporations just keep jacking up the prices on everything while hiring
Republicans to kill the unions and maintain slave labor, thereby forcing new
mothers to get back into the workplace fast. Those ladies should instead have
already learned about the laws of nature, and stay home teaching the children
to develop their full potential, instead of breeding more soldiers for Satan's

"In earlier times the Zionist banking Rothschilds got their hooks into Alexander
Hamilton who tried to create the First Bank of the United States, but President
Jefferson smelled a serpent and defeated the idea. Later, the two-faced President
Andrew Jackson also killed the conspiracy by dismantling the Second Bank of
the United States. For that he was a patriot. However, when the supreme court
ordered the state of Georgia to cease and desist moving the Cherokee Nation
to Oklahoma, Jackson ordered it done anyway, the infamous Trail of Tears.
The Cherokee accurately then referred to Jackson as Jacksee-Na, meaning
Satan possessed. But regarding the small group of international bankers, Jackson
referred to them as a den of vipers.  Jackson said if Americans knew how those
snakes operated in America 'there would be a revolution before morning.'  

"No surprise Hamilton tried to sell out the American Revolution by pushing for
a hereditary (already Yahweh-infected) King of America. Jefferson made the
mistake of placating Hamilton one time, allowing the nation's capital to be
located to a hotter area, south of the major American population. Serpents
prefer heat. Undaunted by another setback to taking financial control of
America, the London Rothschilds' international gold movements engineered the
money panics of 1873, 1893, and 1907 to create a climate of fear: 'something
must be done!' They still lusted for control of the 'Central Bank of America,'
thereby giving them control of America's money and credit.

"One Rothschild partner was Cecil Rhodes who was the British billionaire
imperialist exploiter of South Africa's people, and their gold and diamonds.
In his will he jumped onto the 'New World Order' bandwagon by starting The
Round Table outfit, and Rhodes Scholarships in Britain. He wanted to extend
British 'Imperial Parliament' superpower rule and the English language
throughout the world. Step one was Britain's reclaiming of America. The
American 'Round Table' franchise was a front for J.P. Morgan's and the
Harriman family's Council on Foreign Relations, today known as 'The Invisible
American Government' or 'The Establishment,' a subsidiary of the Rothschilds.
Anyway, the Rothschilds are among the most prominent families controlling world
events today, along with the Yahweh-infected Rockefellers and Roosevelts, and
British royalty. Nelson Rockefeller, backed by the Rothschilds, set up and
financed the anti-communist John Birch Society.  

"For example, by financing the Bolsheviks, the Rothschilds were able to steal
the wealth of the Czarists, about fifty billion dollars, which the Russian
peasants could have used to prevent mass starvation. Concurrently the
Rothschilds financed the Nazis and reform Judaism, whatever it takes to stir
up wars that the Rothschilds can finance, then send their agents around the
world to re-write the history books.  Keep in mind all these fascist and Zionist
organization members are sworn to secrecy. Generation in and generation out,
they accumulate power by any means necessary. They 'go along to get along'
pursuing the big Zionist interim goal of a massive Israeli-Anglo-American
superpower that no country, or person, dare challenge; thereby enforced peace
on earth. Like the spider said to the fly: 'Trust me.' All they need is enough
incredibly stupid people to believe them, in spite of all the evidence it is Satan
literally talking us to death. Satan continues to pull earth deeper into Hell by his
claws attached at Tel Aviv, London, and Washington. Meanwhile the imperialist
Brit royals are so arrogant they figure it is just a matter of time until they get the
American colonies back, one way or another. By placing themselves so very
high above the rest of the people of the world the Royals continue practicing
murder and mayhem as routine.

"Zionists are the brains, playing chess; the fascists are the brawn playing checkers,
and the rest of us are getting played. Like wolves of different packs, the Zionists
convince the fascists to herd the sheep to Zionists, then the fascist wolves still
have to suddenly compete among themselves to get less than half the kill. Zionists
are disloyal predators that frequently shift alliances to keep gentiles off balance.
Zionists love global market manipulation, using their news media to scare the sheep
into selling to the Zionists, then at the extreme high the media instills greed in
the sheep to buy, because the Zionists are happy to sell short and run the price
back down to repeat the harvest. Likewise, when they want to grow the big crop
they tend to elect Democrats, and Republicans usually get elected come time to
harvest. The thieves then publicize themselves as philanthropists, but they only give
the charities enough crumbs from the table to cover their snake tracks. Obviously
Zionfascists dislike government regulation that hinders theft, and the FBI, the
Federal Bureau of Illuminati,  is too scared to ask questions about where the
money is now. The purpose of the military and law enforcement at all levels
is to enable the Zionfascists to farm the gentiles, namely, everybody else.    

"If the pace seems slow, the Zionists and fascists get bored and start a war to
get things moving, thereby fulfilling their generation's contribution toward
the ultimate goal. The Zionists are happy to ride the fascists' coattails for
now, waiting for the right time to attack to prepare for the Messiah's coming,
literally Satan incarnate. Meanwhile they will use a pre-emptive strike against
Islamic nations in or near the oil fields to make sure we have unrestricted oil,
thereby ensuring we have the resources needed to win World War III before
we start it."

John: "So World War III will usher in the New World Order?"

Red: "That's the plan. For example, the 'Federal Reserve Bank' was started by
Zionists and a few Bonehead royal types to finance their One World Order.
The primary creator Paul Warburg was not an American immigrant; he was a
'sleeper agent' of the Zionist, Satan-worshipping Rothschild bankers of Europe.
The Rothschilds always leave an empty place at the dinner table for Satan. To
keep their satanic bloodlines pure they marry brothers, sisters, and cousins.
The Rothschilds banking families are in European cities like London, Paris,
Hamburg, and Rome and are allied with the British royals, and control the Bank of
England. The Rothschilds in London meet daily to determine the world price of
gold, which they manipulate at will, enabling them to manipulate all the commodities
and securities markets. Inflation, deflation, recession, and depression are tools
they use to milk money from the world economy.  That's why the Zionist and Skull
and Bones fascist types simply refer to themselves as 'The Order.'

"Let me get some more notes.  OK.  In 1911 the mayor of New York city, John F.
Hylan, said 'the real menace of our republic is the invisible government which, like a
giant octopus, sprawls its slimy length over our city, state and nation. At the head is
a small group of banking houses, generally referred to as international bankers.'

"Satan testified to the U.S. Senate in 1950, using Warburg as his mouthpiece,
bragging about the Jews taking over the earth.  Warburg testified:  'We will
have a world government whether you like it or not.  The only question is
whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent.' "  That reminds
me of a Jewish author named Samuels, who wrote a book called 'You Gentiles'
that he published back in 1924.  I remember the line:  'We Jews, we are the
destroyers and will remain the destroyers. Nothing you can do will meet our
demands and needs. We will forever destroy because we want a world of our
own.'  Well, there is nothing 'federal' about the 'Federal Reserve Bank,' just
Warburg's contrived name to spoon feed Satansbank to the American public.
Woodrow Wilson was appointed as U.S. President by those bankers to sign the
legislation to create the monster bank after their previous failures to get Congress to
do their bidding. By increasing the bribe amounts Yahweh finally got enough votes
for passage. Many Congressmen were at home spending their extra Christmas
money when Warburg browbeat Wilson into signing the law weeks before the
previously planned date. It was symbolically important that on that Christmas
Eve congressional recess in 1913, Satan elevated Jews far above Christians.
That is the official date that America became Zionfascist, perhaps beyond
redemption. The so-called Federal Reserve Bank is a private corporation, a
consortium of private banks, yet to this day 'The Fed' tells the big lie that
it is not a private corporation. Then why doesn't the American government own
one share of stock? Instead private corporations own all the stock; therefore
by definition it is a private corporation, yet Federal Reserve Notes are
obligations of the U.S. taxpayer. The multi-billionaire bankers get the profits
while we take the financial risks of their exploitations of us. Such enormous
sums of money has been created out of thin air by Satansbank it is now
mathematically impossible to back it with any assets, anywhere on earth.

"Actually, when the Federal Reserve Bank was created, it was owned by the
the fascists Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan boneheads, and Morgan's employer,
the Zionist Rothschilds, as well as by the Zionists: Lazard Freres, Schoellkopf,
Kuhn-Loeb, Warburgs, Lehman Brothers, and Goldman Sachs. To cover up
this theft of America's money, the law creating Snakebank prohibited any
member of Congress from becoming a member of the Federal Reserve Board
or an officer or director of a Federal Reserve Bank.

"This absurdity is in violation of Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution
which states that only Congress can create money and regulate its value. It
does not say Congress can take bribes to delegate that authority to private
banks, many of which are totally European and owned by Satan. In 1929 the
traitors on the Supreme Court said not to worry about that wording in the
Constitution, because it doesn't really mean exactly what it says. So 'The
Fed' prints money, but pays nothing back to taxpayers in interest for this
illegal privilege, in fact the annual billions of dollars in interest charged
to all the local member banks throughout America is profit for the Zionists
and the Brotherhood of Death. Every time an American gets a credit card, bank
loan, mortgage or engages in any other bank-related transaction or even spends
cash they are paying Satan to kill them and their kind.

John: "You're losing me. It seems clear to me that American commerce is doing
quite well, and the people are not slaves of Satan or anybody else. We are
content to pay our taxes to the U.S. Treasury in return for a variety of
government services like defense, education, health care, good roads, and so
on. I have no clue what you are talking about."

Red: "I don't mean to scare you, but the Internal Revenue Service was started
about the time the Zionfascists started the personal income tax. The IRS is
not a governmental agency, it is a private corporation, so no surprise it is
incorporated in Delaware instead of Washington DC. Our tax dollars do not go
to the U.S. Treasury, they go into Satansbank, the Federal Reserve Bank,
another corporation. Remember, the power to tax is the power to destroy. At
this rate the IRS will soon publicly announce they will focus on auditing us
citizens rather than audit the corporations who are stealing our money. It is a
lot easier to get a little more tax out of us than the corporate lawyers and
accountants, but at least they look busy and thereby justify their paychecks.

"By controlling the money and credit, the evil ones control the U.S. economy
and thereby the world economy. Otherwise, if Americans were allowed to keep
their wealth, they would all be eventual millionaires and no more money
worries. They would be self-insured instead of slaves of the insurance
companies, whereby those without medical insurance die as the health care
industrialists like drug companies weed out the financially weak. That would
probably be a good graduate thesis to calculate the Dollars-or-Death Index.
Well, all Americans have to do is repossess their own bank and confiscate
those member banks and every last penny from the thieves who co-conspired to
steal or keep the money. They then jail those bank officers and any other
thieving persons. They do that by sending their President, Senator, and
Congressman a Letter of Demand, ordering them to vote for the repeal of the
Federal Reserve Act. Any such President, Senator, Congressperson, Judge,
Governor, or other senior bureaucrat or other senior government official who
fails to take immediate action to repossess American's money from Satan would
be labeled Satanserpent Yahweh's Apostates of Hell-Moneywar Enemy
Combatant Fugitives from Justice, and treated as such. If necessary they must
be forced to obey, or be impeached, removed from office, and tried for treason.

John: "Slow down, it would take a Constitutional convention to get all those

changes, otherwise you would be a lawbreaker just like those you accuse."

Red: "Not necessarily. The right President could just exercise his
Constitutional authority to protect Americans from their enemy in a time of war.

"President Wilson showed some remorse for selling out the American people by
creating Snakebank, when he later said 'I have unwittingly ruined my country.'
Now let me find another Wilson quote. Here it is. He wrote: 'Some of the
biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture,
are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so
organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive,
that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in
condemnation of it.' Well, back in Wilson's tenure there was no national debt,
but now it is skyrocketing and will soon enslave us to the Zionists. The
Zionist bankers have hundreds of years of experience bankrupting the unwary so
they can confiscate their assets and enslave them. As Meyer Rothschild stated,
'Give me control over a nation's currency and I care not who makes its laws.'
Well, partially true, they first put their stooges in power so they can get
control of the laws, then of the nation's currency. In 1863 the London Rothschild
brothers stated, 'The few who understand the system will either be so interested
from its profits or so dependent on its favors that there will be no opposition
from that class.' It is interesting that two American authors, Ezra Pound, and
Eustace Mullins, wrote about all this years ago in 'Secrets of the Federal
Reserve,' which remains banned as anti-Semitic even though it contains no words
about Jews. For Pound's punishment U.S. Government agents, who were
moonlighting as employees of the Rothschild bankers, kidnapped him. Pound
spent thirteen and a half years in an insane asylum without trial, prohibited from
speaking in his own defense, before Eustace Mullins succeeded in getting him

"To defend itself financially, every nation needs Zionfascist protection laws. One
example would be asset-backed currency with control over how much of their money
any person, or group of nations, can own. Each penny's worth of currency would be
constantly tracked by report and electronics. Then, a recording of the Rothschild's
wailing would be the top song of the year.

"Another reason Boneheads and Zionists love wars is because the massive expense
will give them the excuse to raid funding for our social programs like Social
Security, Medicare and Medicaid. They hate such programs because they help keep
the 'riff-raff' like you and me alive. The Lucifer worshipers are in competition to be
the master gardeners of earth, weeding the human garden through the use of racial
eugenics.  Republicans originally opposed Social Security as a 'communist plot,' so
President Eisenhower stole its trust funds to pay for interstate highway construction
after he saw how handy Hitler's autobahn might be for troop transports. That theft
was a bad precedent that triggered ongoing, not-stop Zionfascist schemes to kill
Social Security by stealing its trust funds. When one news reporter asked a famous
bank robber why he robbed banks, he said 'Because that's where the money is.'
No surprise Zionfascists are constantly attacking Social Security trust funds. Whatever
government programs are most popular, fascists want those funds for themselves
and their corporate friends."

John: "Well, I'm not sure if I am playing the role of the Devil's advocate, but
let's say you are right. Satan has all Americans by the throat. Why are so many
other people from around the world competing to become Americans? Obviously
not to be eaten by Satan."

Red: "The American success story is one of material excess, not spiritual
success. With so much Satan-induced poverty around the so-called third world,
naturally parents want their kids to live, and indeed they would have a better
chance in America. They would rather be alive as materialists than dead

John: "Well, to hear you tell it, we have to constantly fight the evildoers who
repeatedly steal our money and even our government institutions. I thought
that was what the Constitution was supposed to accomplish with its checks and

Red: "Supposed to, but the checks and balances are diluted with rewards like
bribes and a variety of punishments. No altruistic Congressman lasts in office
very long if they do not go along with the corruption."

John: "So if you are right and we can't prevent them from selling our government
institutions to the highest briber, we should at least re-nationalize the government

Red: "Exactly. Meanwhile, an accurate audit of the U.S. Government finances
would indicate it has been bankrupt for a long time, more evident as soon as
overseas investors dump their treasury bills, notes and bonds in a crashing
market for them. Absent backing by gold or silver, our paper money, Federal
Reserve Notes, will be worthless but we will have to make good on those
government obligations anyway. Our personal income taxes will be raised
through the roof without giving the people the tax deductions enjoyed by the
rich, and high national sales taxes will be imposed on us as well. As the
dictionary author Noah Webster once said, 'Of all contrivances for cheating
the laboring classes of mankind, none has been more effective than that which
deludes them with paper money.' You may recall Germany's inflation after World
War II, whereby a wheelbarrow full of paper Deutschmarks was needed to buy a
loaf of bread. People who had physical gold were relatively rich. Of course,
when the American economy gets sick, other nation's economies get sick, and
might die. The plan is that when anarchy and despair take over, people will
accept any despot who can at least restore order, like the Messiah."

John: "OK, now you are preaching to the choir. My business professor made the
same case. Let me get the list of quotes he handed out to us." John rummaged
through his desk drawer to get his notebook.

"Check out this 1787 letter written by President John Adams to Thomas
Jefferson: 'I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our
liberties than standing armies.' Apparently Jefferson agreed, stating 'If the
American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money,
first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will
grow up around them, will deprive the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.'
Likewise Lincoln said he was faced by the Confederate Army to the south, and
the bankers behind him, and of the two, the bankers were the far more

Red: "It is easier to tell what's going on from the vantage point of the
Presidency. The common people have no clue, in spite of the efforts of a few
real patriots. From 1923 to 1933 Congressman Louis T. McFadden was
Chairman of the House Banking and Currency Committee, and in 1933
brought formal charges of such crimes as conspiracy, fraud, unlawful
conversion, and treason against the Board of Governors of the Federal
Reserve Bank system. McFadden said these international bankers of the
Federal Reserve Bank were cutthroat pirates that prey on Americans.  
McFadden's petition for Articles of Impeachment of the Fed was sent to
the Judiciary Committee, where the bribed and scared congressmen ignored
it. Anyway, McFadden's speech condemning the Fed was prophesy, warning
of the ongoing looting of Americans with worthless Federal Reserve Notes,
the horrendous balance of trade and interest rate gyrations, all of it designed
to steal our money. Let me get that notebook. OK, to quote a small part of
McFadden's speech: 'The Fed should be repealed, and the Fed Banks,
having violated their charters, should be liquidated immediately. Faithless
government officials who have violated their oaths of office should be
impeached and brought to trial. Unless this is done by us, I predict, that the
American people, outraged, pillaged, insulted and betrayed as they are in
their own land, will rise in their wrath, and will sweep the money changers
out of the temple.' He goes on to blame President Franklin Roosevelt for
illegally issuing a Presidential executive order removing the gold backing
of the dollar, the currency of free men, and replacing it with the paper money
of slaves. In 1933 that unconstitutional executive order attempted to force
all Americans to turn in their personal gold, and most people did so. If there
is one thing Zionists understand, it is gold, thus all the Goldsteins, Goldmans,
Goldhabers, Goldfingers, and so on. McFadden also blamed the British
government and bankers like the Rothschilds who control the Bank of England
as the guilty instigators of the original plot. Obviously, he was blaming greedy
Jews when he called upon Americans to sweep the 'money changers' out of
the temple of America, per the bible story of Jesus whipping the greedy
Jews out of the temple in Jerusalem. It reminds me of the story of the dying
old Jew who called his son to his bedside, saying: 'I want to tell you something.
There is more to life than just money. There is also gold and diamonds.'

"In 1913 there was one dollar's worth of gold for every paper dollar. Since then
the Fed admits to printing seven paper dollars for every dollar of gold. But as
bad as that sounds the inflation is a lot worse than seven to one. It only costs
a few cents to print enormous sums of paper money with a few more zeros after
the number one in the Federal Reserve Note corner. Well anyway, no matter
how many press conferences McFadden gave, the news media refused to report
the code black strategic national emergency to the people, no doubt because
the news media personnel feared death.

"Our public servants are supposed to be just that, servants. They are paid to
defend the Constitution. We are the employers, they are the employees. Now
that they have become our masters, and we their slaves, maybe it is time for
some personnel changes. Now they get more bribery rewards than they can
handle, and we get all the punishment. It is the duty of every able-bodied
American worthy of citizenship to inform his political representatives, by
mailing them a letter of demand, they WILL repeal the Federal Reserve Act, or
they WILL be impeached, removed from office, and tried for treason, which is
punishable by death.

"Well, the fascists and Zionists don't have much to worry about. American
soldiers can charge a machine-gun nest, but are terrified of people in
business suits that say 'boo', like the cartoon ghosts. Americans will continue
to be slaves of the super rich until their collective, organized anger overcomes
their fear.

"For example, Samuel P. Bush was a steel company executive who got rich, and
started the National Association of Manufacturers, one of the largest sources of
bribe money in Washington DC. He was an adviser to President Hoover, and was
on the WWI War Industries Board which oversaw weapons contracts granted to
companies like his Remington Arms. He was known as the Merchant of Death due
to supplying arms to nearly all the countries fighting on either side of that war, especially
Germany. His son, Bonehead banker Prescott Bush, father of George G.W. Bush, and
his banking kin like the Harrimans, financed Hitler and the Bolsheviks simultaneously.
Prescott Bush got rich on the loan interest and war profits by pitting opposite sides
in WWII against each other, playing both sides against the middle, just like his daddy
did in WWI. The Bush family still has the blood money. They did not ask the dead
and maimed soldiers, or their widows and orphans, for their opinion. Even though
the War Department caught Prescott Bush aiding the Nazis and shut down his Union
Bank, being caught as a treasonous traitor does not stop a Brotherhood of Death
Patriarch from subsequently becoming a U.S. Senator instead of hanging from a
rope. Prescott Bush had nothing to worry about, as he controlled the CBS media
empire to control public opinion. That control has increased now that the fascists
have sold out our air waves to the Zionists.  Satan does not care what chaos happens
or who is involved, as long as the Satan worshipers win.

"These days the stage is set for gargantuan bank and other corporate mergers so
they can become 'too big to fail.' The primary point of anti-trust law is to
prevent monopolies and corporate theft from the people, by making sure no
corporation becomes 'too big to fail,' so the thieves will not bail the beast
out at taxpayer instead of stock and bond investor's expense. Common horse
sense dictates the government does not allow any company to assume risk in
excess of its ability to repay, upon penalty of ALL the co-conspirators being
sentenced to a minimum of ten years of hard labor without the possibility of parole,
and forfeiture of ALL their assets to their victims and the Corporate Victims
Trust Fund. Satan's apostates, the wealthiest of the population, suck up our hard
earned money like vampires suck blood. When Zionfascists suck a quart of blood out
of the body politic, the desperate head and heart of the people compete for the
remaining money supply. But like good farmers, Zionfascists occasionally allow us
to recuperate so we can continue to feed them."

John: "So why can't Americans just find where their money is now, and get it back?"

Red: "Because it is not our money any more. The Federal Reserve Bank sends it to
the Rothschilds banking system to finance Zionist world dominion. That money is
now protected by Satan worship, American traitors, bribery, cowardice, and

John: "I just thought of something."

Red: "What?"

John: "As the American veterans are dying, seeing their life pass before their
eyes, they figure out they were slaves and mercenaries in evil imperialist wars,
so the anger might put them in Hell. When they gather their wits, get calm, and
start to ascend, guess what, here come the Zionist Rothschild, Kissinger, and
Bush types."

Red: "You do have a way with words."

John: "Thank you. OK, you've really got me wondering about Franklin Roosevelt.
Supposedly he was protecting America from Japanese spies when he burned the
Constitution by kidnapping all the Japanese-Americans and sending them to the
internment camps, bulldozed their houses, stole their prime lands worth
billions of dollars, then kept the land for the government or sold them to
corporations. To date there is no discussion allowed in the news media about
reparations, not even an apology."

Red: "No surprises. As people get more cowardly the older they get, we may need
a teenage U.S. President. Even if the kid had only one plank in his platform,
namely to make each American an eventual millionaire by retrieving America's
stolen bank and media airwaves from the Apostates of Hell, he or she would
win. His campaign slogan would simply be: 'Slavery and Watch Your Kids Die, or
Guaranteed U.S. Treasury checks for $1,200, and One Share of Stock in
American's Bank and in American's Media Company.' That is the ONLY topic the
kid speaks about, constantly addressing all problems as resulting from the
Code Black Strategic National Emergency. Upon taking office he immediately
issues executive orders for as many banking and media holidays as are necessary
for the retired, honest, university professors to retrieve America's assets from
the Apostates of Hell and get those organizations re-staffed by Americans. Each
American head of household, currently about 67 million people, gets an equal
share of equity in their bank and media companies, one share in each, and a
guaranteed minimum monthly dividend income of one hundred dollars."

John: "Get real, it would bankrupt the country!"

Red: "No, just do the math. For example, we have caused incalculable horrors in
Southeast Asia, and those sins will come back to us in the form of plagues and
accelerating rates of mental diseases that will cost America a real fortune.
The majority of returning Vietnam Vets either have or get mental diseases,
which they pass on to their families. We can kill other people's bodies, but
some of their spirits will want revenge. There are over one hundred thousand
Americans killed or wounded in the Vietnam War theatre. About one hundred
billion American dollars squandered to generate evil beyond the imagination, so
given 67 million American heads of household divided into 100 billion dollars
is about $1,500 per household. If the Satan worshippers had allowed a national
referendum on whether Americans wanted their kids dying in the Vietnam
Genocide or a $1,500 U.S. Treasury check for each head of household as their
pre-war/anti-stupidity medicine, which do you think they would take? This is
not a trick question. Well, it is hard to say how much worldwide horror
America has to inflict before an American notices something is wrong and takes
the U.S. Treasury checks instead."

John: "Sounds good to me. Can I be Vice-President? You'll need somebody riding

Red: "Depends on whether you've got the right stuff."

John: "The first American in my dad's family tree arrived on the boat in 1776,
and became an officer for George Washington. We've been mostly Army ever
since. It's genetic."

Red: "Well, OK, upon re-education you're in. Even if we wind up as martyrs,
it's cheap advertising, even if just by word of mouth. There is an old saying,
'He who dares to tell the truth should have one foot in the stirrup.'  But you see
what we're up against. Brotherhood of Death training is an adaptation of Hegel's
philosophy: use all manner of deception to create chaos so they can be in the
forefront of the new synthesis. Their tactics against the common people include
creating phony political ideas like 'the right' and 'the left' so they can play us
against each other and deflect attention from what is really going on, specifically
'them against us.' When you see that kind of Hegelian chaos they create you see
Yahweh's snake tracks. As you recall Yahweh is the god of chaos.

John: "So the Zionfascists are winning because wars are most easily won by use
of deception."

Red: "Exactly."

John: "Sounds like we will have to hang together."

Red: "We must indeed hang together, or most assuredly we will hang separately.
For example, Bush lost the 1950 Senate election to the incumbent Democrat
James McMahon. Are we surprised that McMahon, who opposed military control of
the atomic bomb, suddenly dies from cancer and is replaced by the Republican

John: "Well, I agree all the bankers and Wall Street types are fascist thieves
and warmongers, but I don't believe ALL the conspiracy theories. You don't
really believe they are assassinating our own politicians, do you?"

Red: "Uh, yeah, wake up. House Banking Committee Chairman Louis McFadden was
once shot, but survived. He survived the first poisoning, but not the second.
Kennedy opposed the Vietnam War as well as Israel's possession of the atomic
bomb. Follow the power. The Zionfascists are dead serious they are the royalty
that are going to run the One World Order, the enslavement of the female
principle by the male principle, the super-rich against us, their food.
SatanSerpentYahweh wants to take over from the God the Father and God the Son,
and is using earth as a base of operations. You just wait and see how many
future Presidents are from Yale.

"Meanwhile, Prescott Bush's kid, Congressman George H.W. Bush, is also a
Bonehead. Just watch how fast that low-life Congressman rises to higher
echelons of power in the federal government. He likes to flaunt his heroism
in World War II, when he was shot down while trying to bomb a Japanese
radio station on an island.  However, even though his Avenger plane was
constructed to withstand a splash down crash landing, he bailed out to make
sure he saved himself at the expense of his buddies.  While Bush was being
rescued by the U.S. submarine Finback, Ted White and Jack Delaney died
in the plane.  Bush got a medal for heroism.  

"George Bush's namesake drunken son is a Boner as well. The younger
demon-infected George W. Bush is fascinated by causing death by fire.
According to his buddies like Terry Throckmorton, young Bush would get
agitated when it rained, impatient to go outside and torture animals to death.
He loved killing and maiming frogs using firecracker suppositories, when he
was not torching a neighbor's property, classic symptoms of a sadistic
psychopath. Makes you wonder how, or if, that cocaine-head brat passed
his physical to get into his safe National Guard appointment instead of Vietnam
duty like everybody else. By lying on his federal resume' about his illegal drug
abuse and jail time, federal employee law mandates his federal employment be
immediately terminated. God help us if that Satan-possessed, alcoholic brain-
rotted beast ever becomes President; a lot of innocent people would die. Given
his extensive brain damage, if he had an LSD flashback he could start world
nuclear war, whether his Patriarch of Death father ordered him to start it or not.
George junior would sell his soul to the Devil to kill more people than his dad

"The Zionists will give the Bushdemon a yahwehvirus booster shot to inoculate
him against compassion and reason. Such people are incapable of competent
long-term planning, making decisions based upon only one variable so their eyes
will not glaze over, regardless of who gets killed. Immune to criticism, the
Yahweh-infected do not stop by persuasion. They accelerate in meanness until
they are jailed or otherwise incapacitated. They remind me of the zombies
and vampires of the Hollywood horror movies.  Even in ancient times the
people had learned that the only way to stop a vampire is to stop its heart
from beating.  The only way to make sure of that is to drive a wooden stake
through it."

John: "Ten bucks says they use a girl to infect him."

Red: "No bet. If there's a war, follow the money to the Brotherhood of Death
and their Zionist Israeli allies. Boneheads had the opium trade before, and
now want the illegal narcotics profits from the Golden Triangle of Southeast
Asia, as well as access to Vietnam's resources, like offshore oil fields, not
to mention another beachhead in Asia. For the Vietnamese it's just like the
American revolutionary war against British colonial brutality. If it were
about 'falling socialist dominoes' we would have already invaded Sweden. The
U.S. did not contest the Paris Peace Agreement when the French left Vietnam,
whereby in two years there would be open, free democratic elections. Then the
Zionfascist Eisenhower pulled the plug on democracy for Vietnam when it was
obvious the Vietnamese people would elect their national hero, socialist Ho Chi
Minh, the guy most responsible for booting the French out, just like Americans
elected their national hero, Washington, after he booted the English out. To
create a 'fall-guy buffer' Eisenhower gifted his authority to Prescott Bush's
lawyer-turned Secretary of State, John Foster Dulles, who propped up a low-life
tyrant in South Vietnam, and now here we are lying to the world through the
Zionfascist news media about how we are fighting for democracy. Quite simply,
when the Vietnamese got strong enough to defend themselves against the French,
the French tried to get America to help them put down the rebellion. Instead,
the U.S. waited until the French bailed out, so we could take over the colony
on our own terms.

"The same process repeats itself again and again around the world, whereby the
few rich install fascist governments that slaughter and enslave their people
while selling out to American corporations who get full access to dirt cheap
resources and labor. The state news media lies about the troublemakers on the
'left' attempting an evil revolution, so then the oppressed are attacked with
American 'advisor' troops, tanks, and bombers.

"Within nine hours of President Kennedy's assassination, the television networks
were declaring it was not due to a conspiracy, it was just a lone gunman.  Twenty-
four hours of President Kennedy's assassination, the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the
Pentagram ordered their staff to come up with statistics on the number of
draftees that would be needed to triple American soldiers in the Vietnam theatre.
President Johnson quickly ordered ongoing harassment of North Vietnamese
forces to make them fight back, and then that aggression could be played up
as an unprovoked attack on America and on the magical 'American interests in
the region.' Then we could start a war to 'keep the region stable.' The North
Vietnamese did not fall for the trap, even though Johnson was all ready to lie to
Congress with his pre-written Tonkin Gulf Resolution to get congressional
approval for the war. Johnson was under heavy pressure from Eisenhower to
attack, so Johnson ordered the Navy to come with a lie about how the North
Vietnamese attacked a U.S. ship in the Gulf of Tonkin. There were no 'enemy'
ships in the area, no shots fired, but Johnson ordered, and got, that false report
from a Navy captain and the next thing you know the dumb traitor Congressmen
and scared whore Senators write Johnson a blank check to invade Vietnam.

"John Foster Dulles's brother, Allen Dulles, was CIA Director for Eisenhower
and Kennedy both. Previously Guatemala had a bellyful of colonialism and
nationalized the murderous United Fruit Company that both brothers had worked
for and still had stock in. The brothers got mad and as soon as they finished
overthrowing the government of Iran, they overthrew the Guatemalan government
to get their money back.

"The British were upset over Iranian nationalization